Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scout Sabbath 2010

I realize I've been far too quite for far too long, but please allow me to indulge my Momma's heart here for a bit. The above picture was taken on Scout Sabbath....2-13-2010. That's a picture of our Rabbi presenting Little Critter with his Aleph pin in front of the whole congregation. (The big guy in the Tallit or prayer shawl is Dodi. Isn't he gorgeous!?! Giggle.) Anyway, it took Little Critter and I a little over a year for him to earn this pin for Cub Scouts. He worked really hard at it. (So did Mom....well, someone had to learn the Hebrew before I could teach it to Little Critter!!!!!) And I was SO proud of him as he stood in front of everyone, in his uniform (I just LOVE a man in uniform.......sigh) and received his pin and then quoted the Boy Scout promise. To earn this religion pin, Little Critter had to learn the Hebrew names of all seven of the Feasts found in Leviticus, draw pictures of menorah, lulavs, sukka, mezuzah, demonstrate the ability to read some Hebrew (I know Rabbi was gentle with him on that one! We learned to read Genesis 1:1...that was all we could handle!!!!) research and write about 3 different famous American Jews and learn two prayers in Hebrew. Whew! Did I mention he really worked hard at this?!

Well, I hope to have a couple more posts before too long. I've got some great pics to share, but right now it's late and I'm tired. Tax season is almost over, so it won't be too long before I'll be back to blogging more regularly. So many cool things to share and so many blogs to read. I keep trying to check on all your blogs as often as I can.....but it's not as regular as it was before tax season. Please forgive me my friends. I promise to do better after tax season ends. Well, I better get ready for's after 1am and I have to work again in the morning. I pray for each of you daily and think fondly of you each. Take care and Shalom. Spitfire