Friday, September 30, 2011

Shana Tova

We celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week. It's the beginning of the Civil New Year in Israel. It's also when the year changes. And as I was thinking back over this past year, one of the things I really want to improve on is my blogging....I've been horribly silent for several months now. Please forgive me my friends. I will try diligently to post at least once a month if not more. So let me catch you up on the news and the blessings!

We finished tax season 18 April 2011 with more returns done by fewer people than the year before. Even the district manager was impressed. We did not pass last year on income, but that's OK. We finished the season with money in the bank to pay the bills thru the end of the year, got several new clients and overall had a really impressive season for newbies. (Newbie owners, not tax pros. Grin) Then in March we were informed the bank was going to raise the rent on our an unacceptable rate. So tax season ended and we moved the office to a new space. We have spent the entire summer renovating and redecorating this new space. But look at Papa's hand in this.....We have almost 5 times the space as  before, and our rent is almost $100 LESS! Isn't Papa awesome!?!?! The new location is only around the corner from the old place, but we're in a 100 yr old building, with landlords that are incredible!!! They pretty much have let us do whatever we want to do and when they came to see our improvements the end of June, they were speechless. I'll try to get pictures to post in another post the show the before/after. It's pretty cool.

We had a wonderful Pesach in our yard with several friends joining us. (Got pics of that too.....sigh) Then got to go see Grandma in July. We've had almost no rain down here so leaving for any extended time is a little scary. (We're about 25 inches short on rain so everything is crispy and a fire hazard.) In June we went to Dallas for the district convention and the boys had a blast! They got to go places, play and see folks....I was at work. Double sigh. But I got to go to the Holocaust Museum with them before we left Dallas to head south to home again. It was horribly sad, but incredibly informative at the same time. And there was a Holocaust survivor there who signed a book for Little Critter! That made what we saw inside even sadder....this poor man had experienced all that horror as a teenager. Praise Yah, he survived and is willing to tell others how to prevent it happening again!

In August we went to Kansas City Mo for a new franchisee training I had to attend. Again the boys had a BLAST!!! I was in class all day.....this seems to be a recurring theme doesn't it. Hmmmm. But I learned lots, made some great friends and got to enjoy some fun with the boys on the way up and back. So it's all good.

Now I'm teaching 5 new folks how to do taxes, coaching Little Critter's soccer team, taking care of my folks and attempting to keep the house from being condemned!!!! While still doing taxes at the office. We have a couple of book keeping clients (toda Yah) and hope to get some more. Life is full, we're enjoying ourselves and Papa has sent SO many love letters I could write for days trying to tell them all to you...but you're my friends and I won't do that to you. This time. Giggle. Know I pray for you daily and ask Papa to show you His love letters too. May you find your names written in His Book of Life and may your new year be a sweet, joyful, healthy year. Shalom, Spitfire