Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sukkot 2010

Well, Sukkot is over so I figured I'd better get this post up.....This is a picture of our Sukkah. This shows the edge of the Sukkah itself, as well as the tents. You can sorta see Little Critter's small tent between the table and the large tent that Dodi and I slept in. We were supposed to have rain most the week, so that's why we put the cabana over the tents. Ours is waterproof, but Little Critter's isn't.
We had a blast! We ate out there and slept in the tents several nights. A couple of nights, it was SO hot and humid none of us could sleep so we moved inside...and one night, it got cold (down in the 50's!). Something in the air changed the night it got cold and Little Critter's allergies flared up badly. We had to move inside that night also....but we stayed out as much as possible. We had plenty of good food made from harvested veggies and even had friends come visit a couple of nights.

Some of our friends think we're nuts to do this, but they've never tried it. I heard someone give an incredible explanation of Sukkot that I'd like to share with you. Sukkot is one of the moedim or appointed times to spend with Papa. (Kinda like you have Dr. appointments.) Only this appointment is with the Creator of the Universe! And while you're sitting in your sukkah, the three walls represent the arms of the Father. So while sitting in your sukkah, you're wrapped in a hug from the Father! The ground below you is like His lap, the plant material on the roof (we use river cane) is like His beard tickling your head. And the whole feeling while following the commandment laid out in Leviticus 23 is that you really ARE sitting in His lap, getting a hug from Him. It's wonderful!!!!!

I hope each of you had a blessed week of Sukkot. We traveled to Dallas the end of Sukkot (which lasts 8 days) and shared Simchat Torah (the joy of Torah) with a lovely congregation there. Dancing around the building with the Torahs was a blast! Those who've never done such a thing can not begin to understand the wonder and joy it gives. And I have no words to describe it well for you.....We danced, we laughed, we danced some more, we praised Him for His gifts to us, and we met some really wonderful folks. Such a wonderful blessing for us. Our Papa is so good to us!!!

Well, as we start over on our Torah readings, I pray each of you will learn many new things from Papa. May He speak of His love for you, His expectations for your life and His promises to you. Be blessed. Shalom, Spitfire