Friday, August 28, 2009

Just keep trusting, just keep trusting.....

Continuing our look at Psalm 27, let's look at verses 2 and 3.

2. When evildoers assailed me, to devour my flesh,
my adversaries and foes, they stumbled and fell.
3. If an army encamps against me, my heart will not fear;
if war breaks out against me, even then I will keep trusting.

Well, if you're even halfway conservative, no matter what your political persuasion, you most likely feel assailed and encamped against. And in many ways, you are. There's an all out push to stuff Papa in a box, hide Him in the closet and then lock the door while telling the world He doesn't exist. And then, to go after those of us who would much prefer He be left out in the open, free to do with this world as He sees fit and reminding all of us of the ways we're to travel this road of life. But we seem to be in the minority. OK, then just let us worship the way we wish to and don't stuff all this humanistic, atheistic, hedonistic stuff down our throats. I have nothing against atheists or hedonists.....not my place to come down hard on them. My job, as I understand it, is to point out Papa's Ways and His desires for them and their lives with grace and love. (Boy is that hard some days!!!!!)

But as it said in verse 1, Adonai is my salvation and light, the stronghold of my life. So do I need to fear? Heavens, no. I still say that if He could move several million (or thousand depending on your counting) Israelites thru the wilderness for 40 years without once having to replace their clothes, or shoes and making sure they had food and water that whole time, He can certainly take care of my loved ones and me. He is the same yesterday, today and forever....He never changes. He's not like normal men that change their stories to suit their purposes. He's the Eternal, the Creator, the El Shaddai,  the YHWH Yirah. He knows how many hairs are on your head, how many blood cells in your veins. Don't you think He also knows the desires of your heart, your needs, your hopes. Yes, Beloved friends, He knows more about you than you know yourself. And He promised in His love letter to us that a)He would never leave us alone, b) He loved us with an unending love, c) no one could grab us out of His Hand, d) He would fight for and with us to make sure we stayed His and best of all, e)He'd cover us with His wings (the corners of His cloak)and be our rear guard.

So, to paraphrase my favorite brain dead fish....just keep trusting, just keep trusting.
Shalom, Spitfire
My thanks to the writers of Nemo and especially Dory for the title. Giggle, giggle.

Happy Preparation day for my Jewish friends. For those not Jewish, have a great weekend!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Do not fear....

Well, as we move along thru this Hebraic month of Elul, several of my friends have assured me I have not offended them this past year. Whoo, I can sleep now...well, perhaps a little later. Grin!

Another Elul tradition is to read/recite Psalm 27 as part of our daily prayers. So I thought I'd share a few verses from that Psalm that seem magnificently appropriate for our times my next few posts. It just amazes me sometimes that words that were penned 1000's of years ago are still pertinent today. Boy, isn't Papa wonderful?! OK, moving along here.....

1. Adonai (G-d) is my light and salvation;
whom do I need to fear?
Adonai is the stronghold of my life;
of whom should I be afraid?

Well, hey, that one verse is enough!!! Just think about it, friends. Or as David the Psalmist would say...Selah, which is Hebrew for think about it, ponder this, meditate on this. Or in modern English (Texan dialect) "chew on this till ya get it!"

If we belong to Adonai, then who do we need to fear?! Do we really need to worry what those folks in DC are trying to do to us? If the Creator of the Universe is our provider, then can anyone here really do us in? I think not!!! Now, before a few friends get all upset, I am NOT saying we don't need to make our voices heard on subjects dear to us. (For example this monstrosity the House turned into a bill supposedly about health care!) Torah teaches we are to be in submission to our leaders....WAIT---Don't start yelling yet! Submission means (according to Mr. Webster) yielding to or submitting means: yield; refer or present; offer; suggest.

Did you see that? Look closely at those last three definitions....refer or present; offer; suggest. So even being Torah Observant, I have every right to present or offer my opinions of what's going on. I also have the right to suggest other ways to accomplish something or suggest that if it's good enough for WE THE PEOPLE, it's good enough for our representatives...Do you see where I'm going here? The trick is, according to Torah, my words must be spoken in love, with kindness. We must learn to 'come and let us reason together.' And if I'm doing that (even if the other party is acting foolish and rude!) then I have nothing to fear! My Papa, the One who created those turkeys, the One who knows our thoughts (and theirs) better than we do...well, He'll take care of me. So am I just sitting around thinking I don't have to do anything because Papa will take care of me??? Oh, come on folks, most of you know me better than that! Yes, I've most likely got a dossier in DC about 6 inches thick for all the emails I've sent to everyone I could send them to voicing my opinion on the healthcare/insurance reform/Obamacare mess. But I'm not really worried about the outcome. I have no insurance....just a major medical plan in case of an having one of Little Critter's 'inventions' crush me or something.... giggle..

I haven't had insurance for almost 4 years.....and haven't needed it. Papa has taken care of all my needs. Now I realize not everyone can do that....Dodi for instance. Until his diabetes is under better control (which will happen much faster and better after football season short of a miracle!!!!) we need to have insurance for him! (The insulin alone is impossibly expensive and when you add in the other 4 meds he takes....well you get the picture.) But I know that even with Dodi, that Papa has it all under control. If we simply trust Him to take care of the things we need....He'll do it. Hey, He made sure several thousand (or million depending on the counting) Israelites had enough food and water for themselves and all their servants and all their critters during 40 years in the desert! AND made sure their clothes and shoes didn't wear out that whole time!!!!! Don'tcha think that if He could do that, He can easily take care of your needs, sweet friends? Oh, I KNOW He can!!!

So as we continue thru Elul, searching our hearts and repairing/restoring relationships....let's also not neglect repairing/restoring the most important relationship we can have....the one with Papa. Wouldn't it hurt your feelings if your child told you he/she was afraid there'd be no food for him/her tomorrow....or that you wouldn't provide clean clothes for them? How much it must hurt Papa's heart when we doubt that He'll take care of our needs....Let's each ask Him to forgive us for doubting His provisions and work on not fearing. I hope this was helpful to you. Shalom, Spitfire

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Month, New post

OK, I realize most of you are questioning my sanity with the title of this post....but tonight was the start of a new Hebraic month. The month of Elul. The sixth month of the calendar YHWH gave to man. In Nehemiah 6:15, it talks about the walls of Jerusalem being built during the month of Elul. The meaning of the Hebrew word Elul is nothingness. Where the walls of Jerusalem were nothingness, (due to being torn down during the Persian invasion) Nehemiah had been sent by King Darius to rebuild them. The month of Elul then is a month when Hebrew people world wide look into their own hearts, see the emptiness, and begin to rebuild. Pretty cool, huh.

This month is also regarded as the month 'the King is in the field." Now most folks would say 'HUH?!" But let me explain, it's really awesome! When a King of a country would go about to visit his subjects, as he neared a town, the servants would pitch the King's tent out in a field near the town while the emissaries (or ambassadors) would go into the town to notify them the King was waiting for them to finish preparations for his entrance and he was 'in the field'. Now while the King was in the field waiting for the townsfolk to prepare for him, he was relaxed and the 'regular joe's' (and joie's LOL!) could go visit him in the field without all the pomp and circumstance. So in Hebraic thought, this is the month The King is in the field....He's waiting for us to come to visit with Him in a relaxed and neighborly manner. Isn't that an awesome idea?! The Creator of the Universe is waiting for us to visit without having to worry about proper Court Etiquette. Wohoo, Papa, I'm working my way to ya!

This is also the month when orthodox Jews will look at this past year, ascertain where they've offended someone, and do what they can to make amends or restitution. Now, we are NOT orthodox Jews.....OK, I'm not real sure we're orthodox anythings!!!! But to me, this sounds like a wonderful idea. It's kinda like Elul is the Hebrew form of Lent....except that instead of giving something up, we're spending 40 days preparing our hearts for the meeting with the King in the field and we're repairing relationships with all we know. Whoo. Boy, do I have lots to think about! So as I prepare my heart, and help Little Critter prepare his heart....and we think back over our year....if I (or we) have offended anyone, please tell me. I wish to seek your forgiveness and make amends. It just wouldn't do to go to the field to visit with my King and have ought that a brother (or sister) has against me. I do not believe any one has offended me....except those people in Washington DC....and somehow I just don't see them seeking to make amends for offending me. So I'll have to work on forgiving them on my own I suppose. Oohh, this could get tough! Well, I know Papa will help me with this....after all we'll have 40 days to work on it! And if He can create all we see and more in only 6 days, I have no doubts He can help me fix this in 40 days.

So, my sweet friends, may you find this month with relationships strengthened, hearts filled with Papa's love for yourself and all you know and may you also spend time with The King who's waiting in the field for you. Shalom. Spitfire

PS Please don't forget to tell me if I've offended any of you. I truly have not meant to, but want to ask your forgiveness. And Pops, that includes you Sweetheart! ;-)Thanks. (Toda.)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Torah Study with a twist

"But Mommy, how can G-d be Father, Son and Holy spirit all at once?!" So asked my dear Little Critter several weeks ago after we'd read Torah portions for that day. Whew, now what was I going to say???? How do you explain to a 9yo something most adults have trouble with??????
Well, I prayed extremely quickly "Papa! I need some help here please. Some words of wisdom would be nice about NOW!" And suddenly I thought I had a plan. I explained it was kinda like Mommy. I'm Little Critter's mommy, but I'm also Daddy's wife, and I'm also a daughter to Pawpaw and Nana. In the same way YHWH is Abba (father), Yeshua (Son) and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) but still YHWH Himself. I asked if this made sense to him and he replied slowly, yea, kinda. So I thought it was settled and he'd just kinda stew things over for a few days. Silly me......

So Saturday at synagogue, Rabbi was teaching on a similar subject when the question was asked if Yeshua was diety. We all thought a few minutes, several voiced ideas.....and then Rabbi said "Prove your answers!" Well, Little Critter tried to explain it in his simple way and Rabbi looked confused. So I told him my analogy I'd given to Little Critter a few days earlier, but said I didn't know of a chapter and verse from Tanak I could use to prove it. Then Rabbi, in the most wonderful way possible, came over to Little Critter and took his hand and asked if he (Rabbi) came over and took Little Critter's hand off and talked only to that hand or grabbed his mouth and pulled the breath out of it to talk only to that breathe would Rabbi be talking to Little Critter? Suddenly most every adult in the room could smell the smoke as Little Critter's pistons were chugging thru this most puzzling question. Then the light dawned and Little Critter said "Rabbi, you can't do that. Those are parts of me and if you tried to take my hand or my breathe and talk only to them we'd all think you're silly!" Rabbi then gently explained that was the point. Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh (Jesus and Holy Spirit) are part of YHWH and to try to take them out and make them separate from Father is silly. All of a sudden, you could hear light bulbs going off all around the room as adults suddenly understood what had been explained to them in various Protestant/Catholic/non denominational churches all their lives. The idea of the 'three-in-one' nature of Papa is hard enough for adults to understand (and many don't) but for a child of 9.....well, it's worse than Greek! And that easily Rabbi made it clear not only for Little Critter, but for several adults as well. So the answer to Rabbi's earlier question was now clear: Yes. Yeshua IS diety because He's part of the Father!
After study was finished, I couldn't help myself and asked Rabbi if my explanation to Little Critter had been far off. He laughed and said no, it wasn't too bad....but making it apply to Little Critter was the trick. I walked away feeling much better about my abilities to teach this darling little trouble maker....because Papa will always give me the words I need when I need them.
I pray you find the words Papa sends you each day. He talks to you all the time and wants so badly to share His love with you. Shalom.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

He who seeks

This week's Torah portions dealt with Moise (Moses) talking to Papa as the Israelites are about to go into the Promised land. I had to giggle a little bit as Little Critter and I were reading this passage this week. If you'll look in Deuteronomy 3:23-26, I think you'll giggle too! It's not quite a funny in the Niv or Message Bibles, but in the Complete Jewish Bible even Little Critter said "Mommy, Moise sounds like a baby whining and begging for something!" After I got finished spitting my coffee across the room and choking on what I had been trying to sip on when he said that, I had to agree with him. (Trust Little Critter to wait until I have a full mouth of something to say something oddly profound...sigh)

The rest of the Torah portions this week included Isaiah 40 and Acts 3-5.. They were interesting reading, but it was the Deuteronomy section that stood out to me. Papa told the Israelites that if they sought Him with their whole hearts (Deut 4:29) that they'd find Him. That no matter what happened, if they turned their backs on Papa, if they forgot to follow His Rules (Mitzvot), if they just decided to do whatever they wanted to do instead...Papa would always be there with them. Not pressuring them, not begging them, not bribing, cajoling or threatening them....just there. Waiting. And as soon as the Israelites looked for Papa, He'd answer them. WOW!

Yeshua reiterated this idea in Luke 11:9-10 when He said "ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you." Now isn't that amazing??? The Creator of the universe, the One who was and is and is to come, the all powerful, all knowing Father of all living things said that if we just looked we'd find Him there with us....anywhere, anytime. That just blows my mind. What an incredible gift to us from Him! And it's right there in His Love Letter to us all. How amazing. Nothing hard to understand about it. No fine print, impossible rules, no having to know the blood types of your last six dogs and 4 cats....just seek, look for Him and He'll be there.

My friends, I spent a good portion of this week shuttling family members to the doctors, and reading that abomination our House of Representatives came up with for Health Care Reform. Times are looking pretty grim. The darkness of this world is growing with a rapidity that is stunning in it's magnitude. I urge all of my readers to be sure they've looked for Papa. Please ascertain your standing with Papa. The sounding of the shofar signaling the end of the world as we know it can not possibly be far off....and I would truly hate not being able to meet you when we all join Papa in the new heaven and earth. If you'd like to know more about how to seek Papa and find Him, don't hesitate to email me. I'd love to share with you more about my Dearest Papa. I pray each of you talk with Him today, be blessed by His love and His joy. Dance with Him. It's an exquisite activity. Feel His loving arms wrapped around you as He whispers of His love and plans for you in your ear. Be blessed my friends. Papa's still in charge and those folks in DC can only go so far before that shofar will call us from this place. Have a blessed Shabbat for those who are also Torah Observant. For my friends who aren't, have a blessed weekend...and don't forget to go to His House this weekend....He's waiting to give you a love letter! Shalom, Spitfire