Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Torah Study with a twist

"But Mommy, how can G-d be Father, Son and Holy spirit all at once?!" So asked my dear Little Critter several weeks ago after we'd read Torah portions for that day. Whew, now what was I going to say???? How do you explain to a 9yo something most adults have trouble with??????
Well, I prayed extremely quickly "Papa! I need some help here please. Some words of wisdom would be nice about NOW!" And suddenly I thought I had a plan. I explained it was kinda like Mommy. I'm Little Critter's mommy, but I'm also Daddy's wife, and I'm also a daughter to Pawpaw and Nana. In the same way YHWH is Abba (father), Yeshua (Son) and Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) but still YHWH Himself. I asked if this made sense to him and he replied slowly, yea, kinda. So I thought it was settled and he'd just kinda stew things over for a few days. Silly me......

So Saturday at synagogue, Rabbi was teaching on a similar subject when the question was asked if Yeshua was diety. We all thought a few minutes, several voiced ideas.....and then Rabbi said "Prove your answers!" Well, Little Critter tried to explain it in his simple way and Rabbi looked confused. So I told him my analogy I'd given to Little Critter a few days earlier, but said I didn't know of a chapter and verse from Tanak I could use to prove it. Then Rabbi, in the most wonderful way possible, came over to Little Critter and took his hand and asked if he (Rabbi) came over and took Little Critter's hand off and talked only to that hand or grabbed his mouth and pulled the breath out of it to talk only to that breathe would Rabbi be talking to Little Critter? Suddenly most every adult in the room could smell the smoke as Little Critter's pistons were chugging thru this most puzzling question. Then the light dawned and Little Critter said "Rabbi, you can't do that. Those are parts of me and if you tried to take my hand or my breathe and talk only to them we'd all think you're silly!" Rabbi then gently explained that was the point. Yeshua and Ruach HaKodesh (Jesus and Holy Spirit) are part of YHWH and to try to take them out and make them separate from Father is silly. All of a sudden, you could hear light bulbs going off all around the room as adults suddenly understood what had been explained to them in various Protestant/Catholic/non denominational churches all their lives. The idea of the 'three-in-one' nature of Papa is hard enough for adults to understand (and many don't) but for a child of 9.....well, it's worse than Greek! And that easily Rabbi made it clear not only for Little Critter, but for several adults as well. So the answer to Rabbi's earlier question was now clear: Yes. Yeshua IS diety because He's part of the Father!
After study was finished, I couldn't help myself and asked Rabbi if my explanation to Little Critter had been far off. He laughed and said no, it wasn't too bad....but making it apply to Little Critter was the trick. I walked away feeling much better about my abilities to teach this darling little trouble maker....because Papa will always give me the words I need when I need them.
I pray you find the words Papa sends you each day. He talks to you all the time and wants so badly to share His love with you. Shalom.


RaDena said...

WOW, Spitfire! I think it's clearer to me too! :)

ABNPOPPA said...

Out of the mouths of babes!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Does that mean that I am Father to my sons, son to my parents, and a holy terror to everyone else? lol