Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Month, New post

OK, I realize most of you are questioning my sanity with the title of this post....but tonight was the start of a new Hebraic month. The month of Elul. The sixth month of the calendar YHWH gave to man. In Nehemiah 6:15, it talks about the walls of Jerusalem being built during the month of Elul. The meaning of the Hebrew word Elul is nothingness. Where the walls of Jerusalem were nothingness, (due to being torn down during the Persian invasion) Nehemiah had been sent by King Darius to rebuild them. The month of Elul then is a month when Hebrew people world wide look into their own hearts, see the emptiness, and begin to rebuild. Pretty cool, huh.

This month is also regarded as the month 'the King is in the field." Now most folks would say 'HUH?!" But let me explain, it's really awesome! When a King of a country would go about to visit his subjects, as he neared a town, the servants would pitch the King's tent out in a field near the town while the emissaries (or ambassadors) would go into the town to notify them the King was waiting for them to finish preparations for his entrance and he was 'in the field'. Now while the King was in the field waiting for the townsfolk to prepare for him, he was relaxed and the 'regular joe's' (and joie's LOL!) could go visit him in the field without all the pomp and circumstance. So in Hebraic thought, this is the month The King is in the field....He's waiting for us to come to visit with Him in a relaxed and neighborly manner. Isn't that an awesome idea?! The Creator of the Universe is waiting for us to visit without having to worry about proper Court Etiquette. Wohoo, Papa, I'm working my way to ya!

This is also the month when orthodox Jews will look at this past year, ascertain where they've offended someone, and do what they can to make amends or restitution. Now, we are NOT orthodox Jews.....OK, I'm not real sure we're orthodox anythings!!!! But to me, this sounds like a wonderful idea. It's kinda like Elul is the Hebrew form of Lent....except that instead of giving something up, we're spending 40 days preparing our hearts for the meeting with the King in the field and we're repairing relationships with all we know. Whoo. Boy, do I have lots to think about! So as I prepare my heart, and help Little Critter prepare his heart....and we think back over our year....if I (or we) have offended anyone, please tell me. I wish to seek your forgiveness and make amends. It just wouldn't do to go to the field to visit with my King and have ought that a brother (or sister) has against me. I do not believe any one has offended me....except those people in Washington DC....and somehow I just don't see them seeking to make amends for offending me. So I'll have to work on forgiving them on my own I suppose. Oohh, this could get tough! Well, I know Papa will help me with this....after all we'll have 40 days to work on it! And if He can create all we see and more in only 6 days, I have no doubts He can help me fix this in 40 days.

So, my sweet friends, may you find this month with relationships strengthened, hearts filled with Papa's love for yourself and all you know and may you also spend time with The King who's waiting in the field for you. Shalom. Spitfire

PS Please don't forget to tell me if I've offended any of you. I truly have not meant to, but want to ask your forgiveness. And Pops, that includes you Sweetheart! ;-)Thanks. (Toda.)


RaDena said...

Sweety, I can honestly tell you that you have not offended me in any way, shape or form ever!

I must admit though, that although this idea is a beautiful one, I'm glad I'm not Jewish. Hoo boy! I know who I have offended and you know who it is too, but I doubt I could take back my words because I meant every one of them from the bottom of my heart - so, as an Orthodox Jew I would truly fall short. That person and I have what one might call a "truce" of sorts, although I said "good morning" to him last Sunday in the Parish Hall. Hubby and I were the only ones in there but you-know-who stuck his nose in the air and ignored me. It's probably a good thing he's not an Orthodox Jew either! *sigh*

You go, girl! You're doing an awesome job with Little Critter!" :)

ABNPOPPA said...


My first comment must be directed to RaDena.

RaDena, my child, our King does not expect you to be perfect. You do not have to be Jewish to ask forgiveness from those you may have offended during the past year. The King knows your heart your wish to forgive. Your "good morning" was a blessing regardless of the response it provoked. May G-d give you the strength and courage to continue to make amends and may those efforts be rewarded. Remember not all rewards are received on earth.

If you apologize one more time I am personally going to come over/up/down or which ever way you live from me and, and,,, well do something! I don't know what but something. Good honest discussion is a right of living in this great country we are blessed to live in. If we can't discuss issues we have very little chance of reconciliation and survival.

I am glad this the beginning of a new year and pleased you posted it. I have some family who I believe I treated fairly when ABNMOMMA went to be with our Lord however, apparently they do not. I have made attempts to cross the bridge but like RaDena have been rebuked. How many times shall I forgive my brother? "Seven times seven" I believe is the answer. I still have a few to go.

Shabbat Shalom,


Adrienne said...

Spitfire - thanks for your kind comment and visiting my humble blog. I've read quite a few of your posts already (I read fast), and have found them to be lovely and full of faith.

I have always said if I wasn't Catholic, I'd have to be Jewish because there is nothing else that makes sense..

Bless you...

P.S. And yes - homeschooling is hard work but so worth doing. Putting kids in a government run school is like putting them in a viper's nest...

Most Rev. Gregori said...

אתה לא יכול לפגוע בי. שלום