Monday, November 1, 2010

What a busy month!

Hi friends. Hope ya'll had a wonderful month this past month. Ours was busy. Let me catch you up a bit. The first of October saw Dodi and I signing the papers to buy the franchise of H & R Block that I've worked for the last several years. Whew! Did I really do this????? Yep. I became a new business owner, in the midst of all the threats from our government to put us out of business. And while this could seem as a lack of sanity to some (and possibly to me in another couple of months...giggle) we prayed about it and asked Papa to direct our steps. When things kept falling into place, even when we botched paperwork! We felt this is what we're to do. So I am now the sole proprietorship owner of a franchise. Dodi is taking classes (80 hours worth!) to be able to help me with preparing the taxes for folks and I have two other dedicated employees. I've worked with one of them for 5 years and one year with the other. I spent this last week painting the office. I got half of it done and only have the other half to's that for my math skills. LOL!

Last weekend, my sister found a rental to move into thus moving out of my parent's house. This is a blessing on several levels. It allows my parents to have their privacy and their own schedule back. Sister had moved in after Hurricane Ike destroyed her home. Her husband (who works for the State of Texas) stayed with his son down in Houston so he could report for work. Now, instead of coming up and living in a spare room at my folks, he and Sister have their own place to spend time in doing whatever they want when they want. So this is better for them also. Sister and husband were not good about letting Parents know their schedules or when they would even show up, so this is helpful for Parents too. Since Nana is blind, she no longer has to worry about extra critters in the house that she can't see, and often either stepped on or tripped over. It does mean Dodi, Little Critter and I go over even more often to check on them, help with several things, and visit with Pawpaw, but that's OK. We don't mind and it seems to be a blessing for all involved.

Also last weekend, dear cousin decided it was time for him to move on and find a new job. While we were sorry to see him leave, we're happy that he's settled in his new place. It is a couple of hours from here, so we can't be much help to him, but it's also in a much bigger town, so will be easier for him to find a new job. This is a blessing for him. It's not good for a man to have nothing meaningful to do with his days, and I'm sure it was depressing for him. Living in small town USA, is wonderful in some aspects, but if looking for a job, the prospects are limited. He won't have that problem now. We  pray for him daily that Papa will take care of him and bless him with a good job doing something he'll enjoy as well as healing some of his health issues.

This past weekend, we had our first Cub Scout/Webelos campout. It was an experience. But there were blessings here too. We got to spend a day and a half outside teaching little boys more about being young men. We had some fun. The boys  had fun (judging from their comments). We got to teach some parents how to let go of the controls a little and let the boys do things they could do themselves. There were some problems, but this was a first campout for many of the boys and some of the parents. We got to know some of the parents better and shared some of our faith with those that wanted to learn about a different way of doing things. Being the only Jewish family in the whole pack, was a little tricky. But as we did Havdalah service by our tent, several parents and children came and loved dipping their fingers in the grape juice. (Being we were camping on government property, we were not allowed to use wine....oh well.) I also brought the Challah I baked for Erev Shabbat and shared it Sunday morning for breakfast. Everyone ate it and said they wanted the recipe. I suppose now I'll have to figure out what I do to make it. (I don't have a written recipe, and don't use measuring utensils......oops!) I've made it so long, I just make it. Well, that's a worry for another sometime in June 3005. LOL!

So all in all, it's been a month of blessings, a few struggles, and plenty of fun. I hope you've had a great month and I hope things will ease up a little so I can blog more regularly!!!! I miss hearing from all my sweet friends. Please know that even when I seem so silent, that I lift each and everyone of you in my daily prayers. Papa has so much to tell you, I pray daily that you hear His voice and follow His directions. As this world gets scarier and darker, only His light and peace will keep us all safe. He sends us each daily love letters. I pray you see./hear them. Be blessed till next time. Shalom....Spitfire

PS Please don't forget to pray before you vote this Tuesday. Freedom is a privilege and voting is the responsibility of each of us. If we want to see this country return to it's blessed status, we must vote the Father's heart. There's LOTS of things that need to change to return us to even 50 years ago....please vote!