Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Purim Time! See His Hand?

Hoorah! It's Purim time! Boy I love this holiday. It's so much fun! For those that don't know this is the celebration described in the book of Esther in the Bible. At the end of the book, Chapter 9 verses 23-28 it's recorded that Mordacai and Queen Esther proclaimed that these days would be celebrated and never be forgotten. It's a huge party!
But lest we forget, it's also a time to praise Papa for all He did to preserve the Hebrew people. Although G-d is never mentioned as in other books of the Bible, His fingerprints are ALL over this story! From beginning to end, you really can't help but see Papa protecting, leading and directing the events from 'behind the scenes'. It's really not that different from what He does in our time in our lives. How many times have you 'just missed' an accident, or gotten distracted by something that kept you from making a huge mistake? How many times have you complained that the car wouldn't start and now you'd be late to work only to find out later that there was a major wreck happening at the time you would have been driving but for that car not starting? Coincedence? I think not. I think that if we were more observant, we'd see His fingerprints all over our lives.
And while we're discussing the big celebration that Purim is, I have a major announcement.....drum roll please. I'd like to announce that Little Critter (my precious, well loved and youngest son) will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah next month! I can hardly believe my baby is almost 13 years old!!!!! Sigh. Well, rest assured my friends, you'll hear more about this as we get closer to the event. Suffice it to say my little mommy heart is brimming with pride, joy and a bit of bittersweetness. It hardly seems like 3 weeks since we brought him home from the hospital....hard to believe it's been almost 13 years! Whoo. I know where the years have gone, but boy did they go fast!!!! Grin.
It's also still tax season and that means my plate is already full....but things are going well at the office and Papa has blessed us many times. We've met a couple other Torah Observant families (pretty cool here half way to anywhere!), been able to minister to tons of folks and even gotten to answer questions some people have about what it means to be Torah Observant. SO Cool!!! It's always nice to be able to talk about Papa while working at the same time. And knowing we're sharing His love with all our clients is really awesome.
Well, got to finish working on invitations for a Bar Mitzvah (grin) and making Haman's fingers for Synagogue this weekend. Little Critter has a t-shirt I got him last year that is so cute....let me see if I have a pic to show you....it describes Purim so well! Grin.
Can you read it? I couldn't find the shirt, but found the wording....Hopefully it's readable. So as you enjoy your weekend this weekend, think of us celebrating our preservation (not to mention our salvation!) and know we'll include you in our prayers of praise for His Love Letters to us. Shalom, Spitfire