Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Time to Contemplate

This past weekend was the Dewberry Festival here in Small Town USA. It was a time to show off recipes using Dewberries (like a wild blackberry kinda) which was really silly since they don't ripen around here for another three weeks or so. But be that as it may, we had our Festival. There were vendors of all kinds trying to sell jewelry, knit goods, t shirts (many of which bordered on vulgar!), leather goods, more jewelry, makeup, yard art, you name it it was most likely out there. There was a car show going on and lots of visiting with folks from town that you maybe didn't get to see often. Oh, and can't forget the chili cookoff!!! That was going on on the other side of the pond. But at the pond. Now, let me tell you, there was some serious work going on. Every year at the Dewberry Festival, they have a kids fishing contest. The above pic is Little Critter doing his imitation of Huckleberry Finn. There were over 400 kids under the age of 16 out there at this one fairly small pond. All seriously trying to catch the biggest or the longest fish in their age category. All striving to win the coveted trophy saying they'd caught the biggest or longest fish for this year. What bragging rights!!!!!

Dodi and I were sitting there watching and helping several of the kids that didn't have parents nearby or whose parents were busy talking and didn't notice when Jr got his line all tangled up with 4 other kids' lines. We'd patiently walk over, show them how to easily uncross the lines and not have to cut everything off and leave a mess behind. We spent 4 hours doing this. It was hysterically funny at times. Those kids, especially the 8-10 yo boys, wanted so badly to know everything......and often didn't know anything. But as we'd try to explain or show them how to fix their problems, the little faces would glow with pride as they fixed it "all by themselves!" and the grins would stretch from ear to ear. It made me stop a couple times and wonder if that's how Papa feels sometimes. Here we are trying so hard to act like we know how to act, when in reality we don't often have a clue. Then He gently, patiently explains and shows us how we should/could/ought to do things and we feel so proud of ourselves because we figured it out 'all by ourselves!" I wonder if He often has a grin hidden behind pinched lips or a twinkle in His eye when we get so excited about the obvious. Does He also get a warm fuzzy feeling in His heart when we finally remember to thank Him for helping us out and for encouraging us to continue trying? I wonder.

One of the organizers of the whole affair told Dodi and I later that we'd been really good with those boys. (At one point we had 10 of the little wormy creatures all crowded around our chairs! All asking either Dodi to fix their bobbers or me to help them put the worms on the hooks. My least favorite thing to do of course. But I did it...while showing them how to do themselves!!!!! I certainly don't want to be known as the County Worm Lady!!!!!!LOL!) We were a little startled by the organizers comment. We'd only treated them all like they were our kids....isn't that what we're supposed to do? " Love one another, as I have loved you"  Wasn't that hard to do.....even if I did have to hook 6 cans of worms.....yuck! Something to contemplate as you go into the many ways DO you show you love Him? Do you love others as He's loved you? Do you love Him enough to follow His commandments? Think about it. I look forward to seeing what you think. Shabbat Shalom to all my Torah observant friends....and have a great weekend to those who aren't.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring 2010

Well, spring is finally in the air here in Central Texas. This is a pic of Little Critter hiding in the blue bonnets just west of town. Of course, I couldn't get the little worm to smile for me......"Mom, the grass itches." "Mom, cars are slowing down to watch us!!!" "Mom, I think there's an ant on my foot" "Mom, do I have to lie down in the grass?!" Sheesh!!!! It was so much easier when he was still little. Sigh.

We had a series of storms come thru the last few days that were a bit scary, but I'm glad to say we all survived. Although when we called Dragon Lady after the last storm hit this week, they were in the cellar waiting for the worst of the storm to finish passing them by. (She lives within 4 miles of our house.) We had some serious wind, but they got the hail. Oh boo. This could put a real cramp in our 'gleaning' of their wheat fields for Shavuot (Pentecost) in a few weeks. Double oh boo!!!! We'll just have to wait and see what YHWH has in store for us.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful spring. We've got fresh veggies growing in the garden, (will try to get a pic of that soon to post), the chicks are pretty much all laying eggs for us (fresh eggs, doesn't get much better than that!) and there's flowers in my pots on the porch. (Now if I can keep from killing them all, life will truly be great!!! LOL!)

Tax season officially ends next week, although I still have a couple overseas returns that automatically have a 90 day extension to work on and a couple of folks who filed extensions till Aug 15. But that will just give me things to do over the summer to stay out of trouble. We had the end of season dinner tonight at a local restaurant, and my boss made it official that this was his last end of the season dinner. Next year, it'll be me in charge. So, yes, later this year (contracts are signed in October) it looks like I'll join the ranks of the self employed. Boy that's a scary idea!!!! But Dodi and I both feel it's what we're called to do right now. So, if Papa wants me to run that tax office as owner instead of manager....who am I to say "No Way?!" We'll see how it goes. It's biting off a bit more than I really had intended for this time of my life, but I also know He knows far better than I what I should be doing so I'll follow His lead.

Well, sweet friends, I pray protection over each of you as we go thru the rest of the tornado season and head into the hurricane season....from one storm to another. But I know Who holds us in His hands, and know His presence is there for each of us to cling to in the midst of each storm. May He bless and keep each of you, make His face to shine on you and give you His shalom. Amen. Spitfire

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snow in Central Texas

This is a picture of Little Critter with the snow man he and Dodi built. Please notice his leek for a nose...we didn't have any large carrots, and that was all I could find to use for his nose. LOL! He has prunes for eyes and mouth and somehow I think the raisins for his buttons disappeared....most likely into Little Critter's mouth!  Oh, and the little snowball that appears to be floating in the air, is a snowball Little Critter put into the 'y' of Snowman's hand so it would look like Snowman was throwing a snowball at me. Here in Central Texas, we so seldom get enough snow to build snowmen that this was a HUGE deal around here. The schools closed early (at 2:00) and almost everything in town closed between noon and 3pm. By morning, it was all gone and life went back to almost normal...whatever that means. But for one delightful afternoon, we were in a winter wonderland.

Now, me being a lizard type person, I'm not a real fan of cold and snow and such. But this was a blast! We made snow angels, built several snow people, slid down the small hill in the yard, tried to track critters in the snow, threw snowballs at each other and just overall  had a blast. I almost hated to see it melt so quickly. (Yes, I said almost....remember, I hate being cold!!!!) Neighbors came by looking at and taking pictures of the snow people, everyone was laughing and having fun. There seemed to be no ugliness or rudeness or pettiness anywhere around. It made me think how wonderful it will be when Yeshua comes back and cleans all the ugliness and filth from this world. Whew! What a wonderful place this will be!!!!

So I thank Papa for this lovely glimpse into the delights that await. And now must get back to my quiet time with Him....lots to do tomorrow and better get my instructions first. May each of you be blessed. Shalom, Spitfire

Monday, April 5, 2010

Purim 2010

Well, I said I had several great pics to share and lots to catch up let's start with Purim! For those who don't know about Purim, it's also called the Feast of Esther. It's found in the book of Esther in the Tanak (Bible). This was the first year we got to celebrate it with others, and it was a blast!!!! Notice the costumes? Well, I was so busy getting everyone else's pictures that I have none of myself....or Little Critter......or Dodi. Nanc, I think this qualifies as an Oh Boo moment, eh?! Little Critter wanted to dress as King Xerxes, Dodi went as Mordecai, and I was Esther. I sewed my little fingers raw getting new costumes for us, but it was SO worth it!!! We found curtains on sale at Pier I for the tunics for Dodi and I in fabulous colors and materials that cost us next to nothing. For Little Critter, we found some wonderfully regal cotton material at a local fabric store and I wove some cording in different colors for the boys' belts. (Mine was the same fabric as my tunic). I also found a beautiful sheer curtain at a dollar store to use for my veil and sewed little golden coins all along the bottom of it. It was incredible.

We were driving home from services the week before Purim when Little Critter popped off and told Dodi "Daddy, Mommy is my queen!" Of course my little mommy heart started to swell with pride. Dodi quickly said, "No, she's my queen because I'm married to her. She's your Mommy." I'm trying to shush Dodi, when Little Critter pops off again saying "But you're only Mordecai, I'm King Xerxes. That makes her my queen even if she is old!" I almost spit my coffee on the inside windshield. He had Dodi there......the little worm!!!!

OK, so we may have a bit of work to do on tact.....but he understands the story of Esther!!!! Well, I'll leave you with that grin on your face. (Don't deny it, I know you're's OK. I laughed too after I finished chocking on my coffee.) In all fairness, Little Critter did (rather quickly I might add) admit he didn't mean that the way it sounded....after Dodi made a comment about no dessert for Little Critter. Giggle.

Have a great and blessed week  For my Torah observant friends, may your counting of the Omar be uplifting and enlightening. For my other friends, be blessed. I pray for all of you. Shalom, Spitfire