Monday, April 5, 2010

Purim 2010

Well, I said I had several great pics to share and lots to catch up let's start with Purim! For those who don't know about Purim, it's also called the Feast of Esther. It's found in the book of Esther in the Tanak (Bible). This was the first year we got to celebrate it with others, and it was a blast!!!! Notice the costumes? Well, I was so busy getting everyone else's pictures that I have none of myself....or Little Critter......or Dodi. Nanc, I think this qualifies as an Oh Boo moment, eh?! Little Critter wanted to dress as King Xerxes, Dodi went as Mordecai, and I was Esther. I sewed my little fingers raw getting new costumes for us, but it was SO worth it!!! We found curtains on sale at Pier I for the tunics for Dodi and I in fabulous colors and materials that cost us next to nothing. For Little Critter, we found some wonderfully regal cotton material at a local fabric store and I wove some cording in different colors for the boys' belts. (Mine was the same fabric as my tunic). I also found a beautiful sheer curtain at a dollar store to use for my veil and sewed little golden coins all along the bottom of it. It was incredible.

We were driving home from services the week before Purim when Little Critter popped off and told Dodi "Daddy, Mommy is my queen!" Of course my little mommy heart started to swell with pride. Dodi quickly said, "No, she's my queen because I'm married to her. She's your Mommy." I'm trying to shush Dodi, when Little Critter pops off again saying "But you're only Mordecai, I'm King Xerxes. That makes her my queen even if she is old!" I almost spit my coffee on the inside windshield. He had Dodi there......the little worm!!!!

OK, so we may have a bit of work to do on tact.....but he understands the story of Esther!!!! Well, I'll leave you with that grin on your face. (Don't deny it, I know you're's OK. I laughed too after I finished chocking on my coffee.) In all fairness, Little Critter did (rather quickly I might add) admit he didn't mean that the way it sounded....after Dodi made a comment about no dessert for Little Critter. Giggle.

Have a great and blessed week  For my Torah observant friends, may your counting of the Omar be uplifting and enlightening. For my other friends, be blessed. I pray for all of you. Shalom, Spitfire

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nanc said...

I remember my own son referring to his mother, the queen...oh boo...!