Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring 2010

Well, spring is finally in the air here in Central Texas. This is a pic of Little Critter hiding in the blue bonnets just west of town. Of course, I couldn't get the little worm to smile for me......"Mom, the grass itches." "Mom, cars are slowing down to watch us!!!" "Mom, I think there's an ant on my foot" "Mom, do I have to lie down in the grass?!" Sheesh!!!! It was so much easier when he was still little. Sigh.

We had a series of storms come thru the last few days that were a bit scary, but I'm glad to say we all survived. Although when we called Dragon Lady after the last storm hit this week, they were in the cellar waiting for the worst of the storm to finish passing them by. (She lives within 4 miles of our house.) We had some serious wind, but they got the hail. Oh boo. This could put a real cramp in our 'gleaning' of their wheat fields for Shavuot (Pentecost) in a few weeks. Double oh boo!!!! We'll just have to wait and see what YHWH has in store for us.

I hope each of you are having a wonderful spring. We've got fresh veggies growing in the garden, (will try to get a pic of that soon to post), the chicks are pretty much all laying eggs for us (fresh eggs, doesn't get much better than that!) and there's flowers in my pots on the porch. (Now if I can keep from killing them all, life will truly be great!!! LOL!)

Tax season officially ends next week, although I still have a couple overseas returns that automatically have a 90 day extension to work on and a couple of folks who filed extensions till Aug 15. But that will just give me things to do over the summer to stay out of trouble. We had the end of season dinner tonight at a local restaurant, and my boss made it official that this was his last end of the season dinner. Next year, it'll be me in charge. So, yes, later this year (contracts are signed in October) it looks like I'll join the ranks of the self employed. Boy that's a scary idea!!!! But Dodi and I both feel it's what we're called to do right now. So, if Papa wants me to run that tax office as owner instead of manager....who am I to say "No Way?!" We'll see how it goes. It's biting off a bit more than I really had intended for this time of my life, but I also know He knows far better than I what I should be doing so I'll follow His lead.

Well, sweet friends, I pray protection over each of you as we go thru the rest of the tornado season and head into the hurricane season....from one storm to another. But I know Who holds us in His hands, and know His presence is there for each of us to cling to in the midst of each storm. May He bless and keep each of you, make His face to shine on you and give you His shalom. Amen. Spitfire


The Quiet Life said...

So good to see you post. We got some of the hail from the last round of storms. It was the weirdest thing.

ABNPOPPA said...

I liked the pik of Lil Critter in the Blue Bonnets but I like the snowman better. especially the nose!

Glad you survived the tax season!!!


Jeff-for-progress said...


I much prefer this site over your Conservative Outrage one. Some lovely pictures and nice thoughts.

I believe King Kong was not just an outraged beast as you seem to think, but had a soul as well. I try to keep my liberal outrage under control, with a little humane understanding. Clearly, you are capable of that as well, as this site and some of your comments on my site attest to. As you sometimes say.



ABNPOPPA said...

Jeff, for progress, threw me a curve here. I will agree with him you have a nicer site. He's dead wrong about King Kong though. It's the nice thoughts you always post. Maybe I should read your blog before I write my posts.
Anyway I came over here tonight to give you this web story I thought you might find heart warming and a testimony to G-d Almighty. Check out this site:

Shalom, Pops

Spitfire said...

Jeff for progress, welcome to my spot in the blogosphere. And thanks for your kind words. But I'm afraid you'll find me at least as conservative as Pops. Just a little sweeter about it....I hope.

Pops, you posts are from your heart, and that's what makes them great. Don't let Jeff hassle you. Thanks for the link....what an amazing story! Can you imagine?! What an awesome way for Yah to take something unbelievably horrible and turn it into something beautiful. WOW! Thanks again for sharing and for coming to see me.

Shalom to you both. Spitfire

ABNPOPPA said...


Jeff's a pretty good guy. We have been chatting back and forth. I'm working on him and you can help. I'll play the bad guy and you can play the good guy (lady). We'll have him converted in no time! Besides he likes the Maltese Falcon so he can't be all that bad.

Shalom my dear friend,

Joyful said...


Looks like some beautiful flowers.
I pray your storms subside.