Monday, May 25, 2009

Mazel Tov Nana!

Well, today was Nana's birthday! She turned 74 years old. Not to shabby for someone who had polio as a child and wasn't expected to live. Then about 6 years ago, she got Fornier's Gangrene.(sp?) It involved a gangrenous growth in her intestinal tract that no one knew about for quite some time. We think it grew for years, but aren't real sure. Anyway, she got sicker and sicker, refused to go to the doctor and when we finally got her to go, she was about 12 hours away from having gangrene all over her body!!! She had 5 major surgeries in 4 days while they worked at getting all the gangrene out of her body. She tried to give up on us then....I begged, cried and bullied her into continuing to fight. (My mother knows YHWH but doesn't really follow Him....sigh, deep and heavy sigh!) So this birthday was kinda special. We got to keep her for another year.....

Then we took her to the eye specialist today, and he dropped a new bomb into our lives. Mom is blind, she can still see shapes and colors (sometimes) and really uses her hearing more than her eyes to figure out who's walked into her room....but today the specialist said her blind spots have moved to another area of the eyes. Of course I thought "HUH?" He then said her peripheral vision had improved! (For the first time in about 6 years!!!!) When we asked how that could happen, he dropped the bombshell. He's sending her for some more tests, (of course) but he believes she's had a small stroke. STROKE?!?! Her blood pressure is wonderful, she doesn't get any exercise to speak of (her choice....I've tried to get her to do more walking, but no go), her eating habits are bad on good days and horrible most the time.....but a stroke?!?! Sigh. It would explain some recent odd behavior. But a stroke also means we need to do something about her being home alone so much......the implications of this are mind boggling. So I reckon Little Critter, Dodi and I will do more to lavish her with our love.

For her birthday, we took her a brilliantly red mini rose that I'd gotten from a friend and nursed back to health. (It was kinda sad looking when I got it.....for her birthday it had one incredibly beautiful and fragrant flower with another bud on it! Yea Papa!) Also Little Critter and I made her some pretty cards on our Scrapbook Max program. Little Critter put her favorite colors, some lace (a big deal for a 9 yo boy to do!) and buttons and pictures of sunrise and sunset. Then he made up a rhyming poem for her. OK, the poem went like this:
"Roses are red, Violets are blue. You smell like a zoo, because I love you! Love Little Critter" Needless to say, Nana and I both kinda gulped when he oh so proudly read it to her. And when she started to giggle and tease him about smelling like a zoo, he pointed out it rhymed and he couldn't think of anything else!!!! So I believe I have a bit more work to do on his rhyming skills.....sigh. The card he made for PawPaw for Memorial Day was nicer than that!!!!! Well, at least the pictures and layout was beautiful.....and the attempt was honest and full of love....even if tact was missing. LOL!

So I pray you each realize how precious a gift Papa has given each of you when He gave you the parents you have. Treasure them.....they won't always be here. And I know my life will be sadder (perhaps easier, but much sadder)when Nana leaves for her home with YHWH. It's not just a commandment to honor your parents, it's a blessing! Shalom, Spitfire

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank you Dear Military

For those not in the US, this post may not mean anything. But for those of us state side....this is an important weekend. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. This is a weekend for remembering all the men and women who have fought, suffered and many died to preserve our freedoms here in the States. It's a bit doubtful our President will do anything meaningful to observe this weekend. But I felt compelled to voice my thanks. We have 2 foster sons in the military. One is a mechanic and one a medic. Both have served overseas multiple times. Both have been to Iraq more than once. And they both returned changed....not for the better. The horrors they saw and experienced, have hardened them and made them both unpredictable. Now, in all fairness, I don't believe this is the military's fault! One was a new believer in Yeshua and promptly forgot all he'd been taught most of his life. He says he's a believer, but his actions say otherwise. The other son was a strong believer and follower of Yeshua (Jesus) and yet he too lost his way while overseas. I know the fears of the families of our military....I earned some pretty impressive calluses on my knees while the boys have been overseas. I've received middle of the night phone calls because one or the other just needed to talk to "Mom" to allay fears, or loneliness, or to reassure them they're still loved even if they've done horrible things in the name of war. And my heart just bleeds for those parents, wives, husbands and children who've lost their loved ones due to war. War stinks. Pure and simple.

But for those who ARE still fighting overseas or even stateside. I thank you. I thank you for having the courage and chutzpah (I think you all know what that translates in to)to volunteer to protect, defend and fight for the land you love, the country of your families, the freedoms you've enjoyed and that you want your children to enjoy. I thank you for making unbelievable sacrifices, having to make hellish decisions on the spur of the moment, and knowing that some of these decisions will haunt you the rest of your lives. I thank you for your determination to right wrongs, protect the innocents, and guard the dignity of fellow human matter their race, religion or nationality. I thank you for keeping us safe here at home and taking the fight to the terrorists back yards. I thank you for loving this country as much as I do.

So as we spend the weekend enjoying our freedoms, watching endless sports on the tellie, eating more food than many countries eat in a month and visiting with family members, let us all say prayers to our Father for those brave, daring, and audacious men and women who fight miles from home, light years away from spouses and children, and eons from the same freedoms we're enjoying. To all our military: Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may Papa protect you, guide you and safely bring you home. Shalom, Spitfire

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Monday at the Zoo '-)

We had a beautiful day here today....a little bit nippy first thing this morning......OK, it was almost cold! But it warmed up nicely, was sunny and warm enough to dry the clothes. What a blessing.

Little Critter and I were trying to catch up on our 'counting the omer' page. For those that don't know about it, counting the omer is the count from Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost. It's kinda like Lent in the Catholic church. It's a time of personal reflection, taking stock of your life, your relationships with Papa and others, and making any necessary adjustments of attitude or actions. But since it's 50 days long, it's easy to get lost as to which day you're on. So we had this little chart and each evening as we read the Torah passage for the day, we'd add a little picture of a barley grain to the chart. Well, we've not been doing the sheet for a couple weeks, so tried to get caught up today....Unfortunately, Mommy counted wrong, so now we've glued our barley pictures for the next week down!!!! ARGGGGG! Oh well. I'll just check mark each day as we do them until we get to where we finished gluing and then we can start adding more barley. Guess it was Monday, huh. Sigh.

On the bright side, we got all the laundry washed, hung to dry, folded and put away. Thank you so much!!!!

Oh, and Dodi got a loving letter from me at lunch...went something like "Husband, BANG! You're dead! Love, Wife." When he returned from his retreat this weekend, (during which it rained for 2 of the 3 days) he'd dumped his wet laundry in the washing machine. No problem, less for me to sort. So as I finished the first load of laundry and was putting it in the basket to go hang on the line, I noticed a lump of something in the bottom of the machine. On closer inspection, it was what was left of a bar of soap!!!!! The turkey had dropped his wash rag in the machine with the soap bar wrapped up in it!!!!! So of course, I had to re-rinse all the clothes that were extremely clean at this point. Hence the loving note to him......LOL! I told him, "See, I send you on a three day retreat and you come home to make me wash things twice! Such a deal?!?!" Of course, it really was funny when I finally figured out what that lump was. But I had to give him a hard's in the fine print of my contract. So getting all the laundry done in one day was kinda a big deal since we normally have about 5 loads of laundry....and then you add in the additional rinse. At least the bar of soap is good and clean.....

Then at Cub Scouts when the Game Warden came to talk to the boys, Little Critter asked some really cool questions! I was so proud of him. The other boys were really quiet....not sure what happened there, they're NOT quiet boys!!!! But when it was time, Little Critter asked how electric eels made the electricity to shock other creatures. The poor Game Warden, who is a former student of Dodi, got this shocked look on his face, looked at me and slowly said...."Ya know, I don't have any idea on that! Maybe you need to research that and let me know what you find out." Good save Charlie! He was so sweet to come talk to the boys about conservation and what his job entails, I almost felt sorry for him when Little Critter asked that question. But that now gives Little Critter a cool report to work on....hehehehe
I'm sorry. It's getting late and I'm getting goofy. Must be time for bed.

I hope you each had a great day full of blessings and not so much soap......Be Blessed. Shalom, Spitfire

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A retreat

Well, I did it! The men at the Temple we've been attending were going to have a men's retreat this weekend. I suggested to Dodi he should would be good for him to have a break, and he could learn lots, not to mention having some fun with other adult men. It took a couple of weeks, but last Wednesday, he decided he'd like to go. WOHOOO! Now, don't get me wrong. I really hate it when he's gone....especially for 3 days! But I felt certain this would be good for him. And judging from his phone call this evening.....I was right. Yes, it was tough leaving Little Critter and I for 3 days knowing when he gets back he has to return to work. Yes, he was sleeping in a tent without anyone to cuddle with....and it started raining early Saturday morning and rained most the day while the temps went down, down and down. (And of course he didn't take any long sleeves or pants with him...sigh) Will I be glad to see him back Sunday afternoon? Are you kidding?!?!?! Of course I will!!!!!! I would LOVE to have a short break from everything and get to concentrate on Torah study and prayer!!!!!! But it's been good for Dodi....and that means it was good for all of us. And to be honest, Little Critter and I have had a good time too. We've gotten some work done here at home that needed to be done....acted silly, lazy and eat foods we don't eat when Dodi is here because of his diet. (OK, three days of not so healthy meals won't kill Little Critter or I either one!!!! And just who says popcorn and watermelon aren't healthy!?!?!?!?!)
So I look forward to Dodi returning Sunday afternoon and getting to talk about what he's learned. He told me he'd been falling down on his duties as "Priest" of our home. He's right, but not because he didn't want to do it, more because he didn't understand what that means. I believe he now understands. This will take a load off my shoulders....I won't have to be the one to push for family devotions nightly, or deciding whether we go to church or not.....which things we attend and which we choose to skip for family time, that kind of thing. And I got a chance to do some bonding with Little Critter.....after several pretty rough weeks, we needed time to get our work done, but still have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what awesome things Papa has wrought in my Dodi this weekend! And seeing how we'll incorporate those things into our family life. This could be like an adventure...only more fun! Now I think I'll work a little harder to be able to go on a 2 day retreat with my sister next month....could be tough. How ever would the boys all manage without me?!?! LOL!
Well, my friends, I'll let you know later what wonders Papa has brought forth. In the meantime, I pray you each have a blessed week, full of love letters from Him. And that each of you get to find your own 'retreat' from the cares and worries of life to fill up with His love, His shalom (peace) and His plan for your lives. Be blessed. Shalom, Spitfire

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Arise and Shine!

Please pardon me while I gloat just a minute or I got confirmation Papa loves me!!!!! As you know, I homeschool the Little Critter. The last several months have been tough as I was working full time (during tax season) and so his homeschooling work was minimal amounts and stuff that he could do mostly without my help. Hence we studied composers (he's now a full fledged classical music lover!), did pages for a lapbook about composers, handwriting practice (called copywork), and math daily. Then he also had chores at home to take care of. I explained to him that after tax season, we'd have to up the work load to finish our work for the year if he wanted to be considered to be in 4th grade come fall. Well, he's been dragging his feet on doing more work. OK, he's more like a mule with all four feet planted and that "just try to make me move!" look in his eyes.

The result is that I keep praying, planning and setting things up and then due to his dawdling, we haven't been getting half of his work done each week. Then about a month ago, when we started letting him play with a couple neighbor boys that he's played with before, we started getting more and more disrespect from him. I was becoming discouraged, bumfuzzled, (a term meaning something light years past confused and angry) and really bummed out! Dodi was as bumfuzzled as I.

Then today happened! Hallelujah for today! Today we got Torah Study done, even to the point he was asking questions about Revelation! (which we stopped and read a bit of) We got handwritting/copywork done....not well, but done nonetheless without a fight. We got all the laundry done, washed, hung out to dry, folded AND put away! He cleaned his bedroom voluntarily (keep beating my little heart!) and we did our Hebrew lessons, finished his work for Cub Scouts and even got in 30 minutes of weeding in the garden (we call that physical education!). Our math was included with our Torah reading and the extra reading from Revelation....although I'd planned to work on some more formal math. So the only thing we didn't get done today was the formal math, and his written comparison of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. (Part of our History lesson which we read about and discussed, but ran out of time for the actual writting of the comparison.)

So I felt Papa blessed me today. We got done 95% of what I felt we needed to do, along with a little extra.. We had mostly a pleasant day (until Dodi got home and Little Critter got disrespectful again) and to top it off, we got a brief shower to lesson the humidity levels! What a glorious day. Now if only tomorrow will go as smoothly. I have hope!

I pray each of you dear readers also had a productive and pleasant day. May the rest of your week be filled with little Love Letters from Papa to remind you of your belovedness to Him who created you. Shalom, Spitfire

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Doing a happy dance here!

I realize this may not be a big deal for many reading this or may even cause concern. But I have to share some pretty big news here. As you know, we've been celebrating the Biblical feasts and Shabbat for several years. We've been slowly moving to becoming more Biblical in our lives and doing things more as the Torah says. We believe that to follow Yeshua (Jesus) we are to do our best to imitate Him in His actions and words. Now, my words often get me in trouble, but I'm working on it!
Anyway, tonight, I asked Dodi if he thought it would be OK to go to the Messianic Temple in a nearby (35 miles one way away) town instead of the usual service at our Pentecostal church. He thought it would be OK to go see what a weeknight service was like. (We've gone a couple times for Shabbat services on Saturday, and Dodi likes them!) Well, after the service, (which is more a praise and study class than a service), Dodi was talking with the rabbi and before I knew it, he'd said he'd like to have a tallit (prayer shawl) and a Jewish Bible! We also got a kippa (yalmuka) and kippot (vest with tzitzit) for Little Critter. He then asked Rabbi what he needs to do become more the priest of our home that he's called to be!!!!!! And one the way home, Dodi commented he wasn't sure he wanted to become Jewish, but he really liked the Temple, and wouldn't mind if we went regularly!!! Oh, I am happy dancing!!!!!

This Temple follows the same rules and commandments (mitzvot) as Yeshua (Jesus) and also celebrates the Biblical feasts! We won't have to do them all by ourselves anymore! We're making new friends that believe like we do, share our love for a good celebration, and also try to live emulating our Savior. This is just TOO cool!!!!

Now, don't get me wrong. We like our two churches here closer to home, but both of them are compromises. Neither church celebrates any of the feasts (although both did do Pesach (Passover) this year) and while there are flashes of G-d being in the services, it's only flashes. It's not like He lives in either church....He's only invited in sometimes. Does that make sense? The people in both churches are wonderful folks.....but even Little Critter said he likes it better at Temple....and there's NO children's church or anything there. He has to sit with us thru an entire hour of teaching on top of the rest of the service....and he loves it!!!!!!! If that's not a message from above, I've seriously missed the boat! When a 9 yo squirmy wormy boy WANTS to go sit for over an hour and listen to someone teach him Bible, it comes close to being a certifiable miracle!!!!!! My best friend growing up was Messianic, and I celebrated feasts with them and often attended Temple with them, so for me, this is like going home again! Our Savior was a Jewish rabbi, who followed the Biblical feasts and commandments of Torah. If it was good for Him, shouldn't it be good for us also? We've found SUCH blessings from following in His footsteps. I pray that each of you would know the peace and joy of following in His footsteps. I also pray you each are blessed this week. Shalom, Spitfire

PS For years I've said we were Episco-Costals....I reckon now we'll have to say we're Messianic Jewish Epsico-Costals! You reckon that will make Homeland Security put us on a terrorist list?! Goodness, we're conservative too....that's bound to get us written up as crazies!!!!!! Oh well, it'll give them something useful to do for a while. Smile.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Aging gracefully? Not me!!!

I found this picture on a friend's blog and had to laugh! This is me trying to teach the boys soccer!!! Ok, maybe I'm not quite that old, but some days it sure feels like it!!!! But there's also a real truth in this picture and phrase. I know several friends who are my age or younger but act like really OLD people. How sad. Each day we all have a choice to make: will we choose to rejoice that this is the day Papa made, or will we complain about our aches and pains and choose to be miserable? Hmmm. Now let me think about this a minute....OK that's long enough. I choose to rejoice. I've had problems in my life....I'm a multiple cancer survivor, had a near fatal accident at age 18 (not my fault....other driver wasn't watching the road and ran right over my car), years of braces, therapy, meds and doctor's vists, I've buried dreams, children and family members, been beat up, accosted, and had a gun put to my head. But ya know what? Papa watched out for me in each and every instance. Sure, there were times (more than I like to admit to) when I yelled and ranted that Papa wasn't being fair! But with time, His patience and love, I've come to see that many times what I wanted was NOT the best for me at that period of time. So I choose to rejoice in each and every day. Do I enjoy being stuck inside all day with an overly active wormy boy because it's raining???? Who are you kidding?!!!! I threatened to call the Salvation Army to come get him last week if he didn't calm himself!!!!! But even on those days, I'm thankful (perhaps a little grudingly) that he's healthy, active and bright. So do I need to 'act my age'? Goodness, NO! I don't advocate acting like a brainless teenie bopper. But just because the calendar says I'm a certain age and society says I should be pigeon holed into a certain behavior doesn't mean I have follow the rules. I'm old enough to be the parent of most of Little Critter's friend's parents...and yet they act older than I. What's wrong with that picture? Papa promised Moses 120 years of life. And when Joshua went into the Promised Land, he and Caleb were in their 80's but still as fit and strong as 20yo men. That's my goal. I want to be 80 years old and still dancing with my Papa, playing with my grandchildren, climbing trees, flying kites and working in my gardens. Age-you just back off! I'm choosing to rejoice in this day my Papa made. I pray you each choose to rejoice daily also. Even the hard times and travails serve a purpose....they make us more like our Savior, Yehsua (Jesus!). Kinda gives you a new perspective, huh. So thank Papa for those aches and means you're alive, it's not even close to what Yeshua suffered for you to have eternal life, and if it's that bad, it only has one way to go....up. So rejoice. Don't become old, be as a child rejoicing in the blessings you have. Shalom, Spitfire

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stand with Israel

I try real hard to not get political on this blog. The purpose of this blog is to remind us of Papa's blessings to each of us daily. But sometimes, things just kinda happen...ya know what I mean? Well, anyway, our main stream media seems to have kinda forgotten that this week Israel celebrated it's 61st anniversary of being a country. In fact, our government seems to have either forgotten what a good friend Israel has been to the US or hasn't read the 'back of the Book' to know that turning our back on Israel is not a good idea. I realize that I'm just one, but if we work together, perhaps we can make a difference. One of my Senators has heard from me so often, she's leaving the Senate and running for Governor! (As if that would stop me from letting her know how I feel about things?!?!?!) Anyway, the organization Christians United for Israel has a petition for our government officials letting them know we believe Israel has the right to the land given them by the UN in 1948 (and by Papa 4000 years ago!!!!!), the right to defend themselves from terrorists (yes, I know that word is politically incorrect, but it's the correct word!) and that there's lots of us here in the US (and abroad) that stand with Israel. I would request that you sign the petition also. I know a couple of you got this as an email from me, but hopefully I can help get more names on the petition!!! Papa told us back in Genesis, "those who bless you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed." I believe He meant it.....And while I may not agree with all our government is doing, I'd hate for this country to become a spot in oblivion due to poor choices....or curses. Thanks for helping me get the attention of our officials. Here's the link:

May each of you be blessed this Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom, Spitfire

Request for your help

My sweet friends, I got an email today that explained about a chance for us to at least attempt to make a difference. I'm posting the info here and asking that we all post our positions. I pray that you will tell them to NOT use our tax dollars to kill innocent unborn children. If you are in favor of embryonic stem cell research, then please don't be offended....
"Last month, when President Obama overturned the federal funding ban on embryonic stem cell (ESC) research, he left the parameters of that decision up to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH officially posted draft guidelines on ESC, which open the floodgates for the destruction of embryos at taxpayers' expense. Under the rules, your tax dollars would pay for research on stem cells derived from embryos who are supposedly "leftover" from in vitro fertilization. Instead of promoting the adoption of these tiny humans, the NIH guidelines would sentence them to death. For 30 days, the government offers these rules up for public response. The comment period is 30 days, and we ask that you submit your concerns about these regulations before May 26. If you're tired of having your pro-life values steamrolled by this administration, there is something you can do. Oppose the use of your taxpayer dollars for experiments that rely on killing embryonic human beings. You can submit your comments by logging on to and filling in the official form. "

As many of you know, Little Critter is adopted. I am passionate about the pros of adoption over the destruction of innocents. There is a group that promotes the adoption of these "Snowflake" babies. With so many women finding they're infertile, these embryos are perfect for implantation and birth by infertile women. So I beg you to please fill out the official form and speak against the murder of these littlest of Papa's blessings. I pray each of you take the time to look at your children/grandchildren and praise Papa that they were allowed to be...instead of destroyed for research purposes. Shalom, Spitfire