Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Monday at the Zoo '-)

We had a beautiful day here today....a little bit nippy first thing this morning......OK, it was almost cold! But it warmed up nicely, was sunny and warm enough to dry the clothes. What a blessing.

Little Critter and I were trying to catch up on our 'counting the omer' page. For those that don't know about it, counting the omer is the count from Resurrection Sunday to Pentecost. It's kinda like Lent in the Catholic church. It's a time of personal reflection, taking stock of your life, your relationships with Papa and others, and making any necessary adjustments of attitude or actions. But since it's 50 days long, it's easy to get lost as to which day you're on. So we had this little chart and each evening as we read the Torah passage for the day, we'd add a little picture of a barley grain to the chart. Well, we've not been doing the sheet for a couple weeks, so tried to get caught up today....Unfortunately, Mommy counted wrong, so now we've glued our barley pictures for the next week down!!!! ARGGGGG! Oh well. I'll just check mark each day as we do them until we get to where we finished gluing and then we can start adding more barley. Guess it was Monday, huh. Sigh.

On the bright side, we got all the laundry washed, hung to dry, folded and put away. Thank you so much!!!!

Oh, and Dodi got a loving letter from me at lunch...went something like "Husband, BANG! You're dead! Love, Wife." When he returned from his retreat this weekend, (during which it rained for 2 of the 3 days) he'd dumped his wet laundry in the washing machine. No problem, less for me to sort. So as I finished the first load of laundry and was putting it in the basket to go hang on the line, I noticed a lump of something in the bottom of the machine. On closer inspection, it was what was left of a bar of soap!!!!! The turkey had dropped his wash rag in the machine with the soap bar wrapped up in it!!!!! So of course, I had to re-rinse all the clothes that were extremely clean at this point. Hence the loving note to him......LOL! I told him, "See, I send you on a three day retreat and you come home to make me wash things twice! Such a deal?!?!" Of course, it really was funny when I finally figured out what that lump was. But I had to give him a hard time......it's in the fine print of my contract. So getting all the laundry done in one day was kinda a big deal since we normally have about 5 loads of laundry....and then you add in the additional rinse. At least the bar of soap is good and clean.....

Then at Cub Scouts when the Game Warden came to talk to the boys, Little Critter asked some really cool questions! I was so proud of him. The other boys were really quiet....not sure what happened there, they're NOT quiet boys!!!! But when it was time, Little Critter asked how electric eels made the electricity to shock other creatures. The poor Game Warden, who is a former student of Dodi, got this shocked look on his face, looked at me and slowly said...."Ya know, I don't have any idea on that! Maybe you need to research that and let me know what you find out." Good save Charlie! He was so sweet to come talk to the boys about conservation and what his job entails, I almost felt sorry for him when Little Critter asked that question. But that now gives Little Critter a cool report to work on....hehehehe
I'm sorry. It's getting late and I'm getting goofy. Must be time for bed.

I hope you each had a great day full of blessings and not so much soap......Be Blessed. Shalom, Spitfire


Ahavah said...

sooo has he found out yet? has LC got his own blog yet? I for one am waiting to sign up.... :0D

is LC down for a bar mitzvah? of course he is.... :0D

oh dear - leaving soap in his wash bag.... you know that sounds awful familiar.... :0D

Gayle said...

Sweety, Walt sometimes leaves tissues in the pockets of his jeans. If I fail to check them out there's an awful mess! He doesn't do it as often as he used to though. The last weird thing I found in my washer was my cat. At least I found him before I did the wash and not after. LOL!