Saturday, May 16, 2009

A retreat

Well, I did it! The men at the Temple we've been attending were going to have a men's retreat this weekend. I suggested to Dodi he should would be good for him to have a break, and he could learn lots, not to mention having some fun with other adult men. It took a couple of weeks, but last Wednesday, he decided he'd like to go. WOHOOO! Now, don't get me wrong. I really hate it when he's gone....especially for 3 days! But I felt certain this would be good for him. And judging from his phone call this evening.....I was right. Yes, it was tough leaving Little Critter and I for 3 days knowing when he gets back he has to return to work. Yes, he was sleeping in a tent without anyone to cuddle with....and it started raining early Saturday morning and rained most the day while the temps went down, down and down. (And of course he didn't take any long sleeves or pants with him...sigh) Will I be glad to see him back Sunday afternoon? Are you kidding?!?!?! Of course I will!!!!!! I would LOVE to have a short break from everything and get to concentrate on Torah study and prayer!!!!!! But it's been good for Dodi....and that means it was good for all of us. And to be honest, Little Critter and I have had a good time too. We've gotten some work done here at home that needed to be done....acted silly, lazy and eat foods we don't eat when Dodi is here because of his diet. (OK, three days of not so healthy meals won't kill Little Critter or I either one!!!! And just who says popcorn and watermelon aren't healthy!?!?!?!?!)
So I look forward to Dodi returning Sunday afternoon and getting to talk about what he's learned. He told me he'd been falling down on his duties as "Priest" of our home. He's right, but not because he didn't want to do it, more because he didn't understand what that means. I believe he now understands. This will take a load off my shoulders....I won't have to be the one to push for family devotions nightly, or deciding whether we go to church or not.....which things we attend and which we choose to skip for family time, that kind of thing. And I got a chance to do some bonding with Little Critter.....after several pretty rough weeks, we needed time to get our work done, but still have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what awesome things Papa has wrought in my Dodi this weekend! And seeing how we'll incorporate those things into our family life. This could be like an adventure...only more fun! Now I think I'll work a little harder to be able to go on a 2 day retreat with my sister next month....could be tough. How ever would the boys all manage without me?!?! LOL!
Well, my friends, I'll let you know later what wonders Papa has brought forth. In the meantime, I pray you each have a blessed week, full of love letters from Him. And that each of you get to find your own 'retreat' from the cares and worries of life to fill up with His love, His shalom (peace) and His plan for your lives. Be blessed. Shalom, Spitfire


Gayle said...

Poor Dodi! He must have been so cold! Wouldn't you just know the temperature would drop suddenly over his three day retreat? But it sounds as though it may have been more than worth it and I'm happy for you both, and for Little Critter too, because what makes mommy and daddy happy makes Little Critters happy. :)

Sorry to not have made it to church today, hon, but I'm having one heck of a time with the meds the dentist has me on for an infection. The infection doesn't bother me, but Amoxicillin has a nasty side effect that I won't go into because it's... well... TMI!

God bless!

Ahavah said...

wonders to self.... why did he not take warm things with him?

men I have found seem to have an internal heater that seems to run at about 5 bars high constantly.... (we (my secretarial pool - 5 of us) did a 'survey' to find the 'hottest' male in the office (bout 120 of them) to find who gave off the most heat...

I tell you we were desparate.. middle of winter and the heating broke down..... we sat in coats and woolley hats... the guys sat in their shirt sleeves.....