Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, tonight I had something different happen. As I've said before, we celebrate Shabbot. Part of the Shabbot service (service? perhaps activity would be a better word), is that the parents typically bless their children. I mean they place their hands on their children's head or shoulders and pray a blessing over them. We do this each Friday night after communion (blessing and partaking in the wine and bread) and before we pray blessings over who ever we choose to bless that particular night. Little Critter really likes this part of Shabbot. Each of our guests join in and they pray blessings over him also. But tonight, Little Critter turned the tables on me. I had to work all day today (10 hours with no break) and so Dodi put Little Critter to bed. (I'd just gotten in and was hungry! So was eating my now extremely cold dinner.) When Dodi came back out to the den, he said "Little Critter would like you to go in to his room. He'd like to bless you Mommy." I was a little startled, and figured it was a ploy to delay bedtime. But I went into Little Critter's room and sure enough he said " Oh, Mommy, thanks for coming in. I'd like to bless you. I think you could use a blessing." Well, let me tell you, out of the mouth of babes!!! I've been kinda feeling like I live at the office more than at home this past two weeks. (Lots of time off for others that they can't help needing, but means I don't get my time off....the perils of being the Office Manager...sigh) Anyway, he proceeded to place his little hand on my shoulder, and proceeded to pray such a beautiful and (dare I say it?) almost adult blessing over me that I almost cried. It was SO sweet and beautiful. (Not to mention timely!) Of course I then blessed him and prayed over him. (I do this nightly before I go to bed, but he's usually asleep.) And as I came back into the den, I felt so blessed. Not only by Little Critter, but by Papa. He knew I've been having a rough time with clients who don't think before they engage their mouths...and therefore forget to use their manners. And trying to keep the house from being condemed for health or safetly reasons while I'm working. (You know how it goes, you work 10 hours then do laundry until the wee hours of the night so you can get up and do the same thing the next day!?!?! And try to remain cheerful, friendly, helpful and NOT grouchy all the same time when all you want to do is take about a 12 hour nap!!!!!!) So Papa had my darling Little Critter (the wormy, squirmy child who loves to find my last remaining nerve and jump up and down on it!) bless me with words that just flooded my soul and my heart with Papa's love and with Little Critter's love for me. What a joy! My children may never rise up and call me blessed....but tonight, my Little Critter blessed me. I don't know if it gets any better than that! I pray you try blessing your children, my friends. It creates a bond that is hard to explain and a closeness that nothing can break. And I pray that one day, your children will bless you also. It will thrill your hearts more than words can tell! Have a blessed week, full of love letters from Papa. Shalom, Joie


The Quiet Life said...

Ah, the tears are flowing. How beautiful! Messianic bloggers are convicting me today to do what I know I should be doing anyhow, but not.

Ahavah said...

ahh Little Critter he is just a total sweetie... give him a big hug from me


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Joie,I have blessed my four sons when they were growing up and though they all have homes and families of their own today, I still them and my grandchildren in spirit.

The result is my four beautiful sons are a blessing to me today in ways too numerous to count.