Friday, November 6, 2009

My heart is breaking....

Hello dear friends. Please parden the moroseness of this posting...after what happened today, I'm just so distressed. For those that didn't hear, there was a mass killing just down the road at Ft Hood Military Base. This is the base eldest son was stationed at until this past May. (Thank you Papa for sending him to Colorado last May!!!!) When he was transferred out, I was quite dissappointed....I wanted to keep him nearby. But now I'm so thankful he was transferred out!!!! And my little heart is just breaking all over the place for the families of those that were shot today. My heart is even braking for the family of the shooter. Can you imagine turning on the news and finding out your son/brother/cousin had opened fire on a building full of folks he worked with and killed 12 of them?!?! Bless their hearts. I realize they are Islamic, but I feel certain their shock is just about the same as the families of those who got calls saying their child/brother/sister/wife/husband had just been shot while on base. This is just SUCH a mess.

Torah tells us that in the last days the world will be upside down and backwards...well, OK. It says people will say right is wrong and wrong is right. That appears to be what we're seeing today. Apparently this shooter felt it was right to plan to go down to the most crowded building on the base and just start shooting because he didn't want to be deployed overseas later this year... I can understand his not wanting to have to go overseas to where the fighting actually is. No parent wants their child to place themselves in harms way. But when you join the military, you have to know there's always the chance that you'll have to fight! So I'm angry with him for inflicting so much pain to SO many people. But at the same time, I also feel a bit sorry for him. Being Islamic, he doesn't know the wonderful peace and joy of our YHWH. And because of what he's done today, he's shamed his family, himself and shed a poor light on his fellow Islamics. Even those that are not radical, but are simply the folks next door. I have friends that are Islamic....they are wonderfully kind, sweet folks who accept us as we are just as we accept them the way they are. Now all Islamics look like folks you need to beware of. That's not right....he didn't have the right to do that!!!! Now he's killed his military career, and most likely any civilian career also. In fact, I think it's fairly safe to say he's now a 'dead man walking'. If he's not sent to prison for the rest of his life for the deaths of those 12 soldiers, he's a walking target for someone angry enough to kill him for what he's done. Here in Texas, we take the 2nd amendment seriously and most everyone has a gun in the house, plus you don't forget your manners when you're visiting from out of state...we'll happily send you home! So he's not only forgotten his manners, he done messed with our military! That's not wise when you're in a state that still remembers the wild west....if you get my drift.

On a brighter side, (I always have to find that brighter side you know!Grin) immediately after the shootings, as soon as the area was no longer on lockdown, there must have been 47 churches that opened their doors for any and all to come for counseling, prayer or just to be with someone else. Schools stayed opened and kept kids until parents could come get them (many parents were caught in the lockdown on base), civilian counselors began offering their services for any that needed them, the whole town and even the surrounding areas all joined hands, closed ranks and began working together to ease the shock, horror and fear of what was going on on the base. It was incredible to see. Even the hospital that Dodi used to have to go to for his bloodwork, took in 10 of the injured and then closed the hospital to the public so the famlies of the injured could have some privacy. Now for a major hospital to close themselves to the public (they had a couple check in doors you could enter after screening if you had someone already in the hospital) and deny the press access to the hospital is pretty awesome. They shut their doors to extra money and respected the families of those injured. Judging from what I saw on my facebook page, there were almost immediately prayers going up from all over the country for all involved as soon as the news broke. So I am thankful that so many folks from so many places who had no involvment or really even interest in what was going on here in Texas took the time to pray for all involved. I'm  so thankful to YHWH that neither of our boys were there.....and that I was safely here at home with my darling Little Critter, that so far as we can tell none of our friends were on base at the time so weren't involved, and that instead of shrugging shoulders and saying "It doesn't involve me, why should I care?!" all the surrounding towns jumped up to help in whatever ways they could. It was almost like 9-11. For a few hours, everyone forgot about religions, politics, race...we were all just Americans and we'd been attacked. We joined together to help each other, to pray for each other, to listen to each other. So while my little heart is breaking, it's also rejoicing. HaSatan may think he rules this world, but for a few hours, I got a glimpse of what heaven would be like. Everyone working together to help each other.

Well, my friends, be sure you take the time today to tell those you love how you feel, hug those close to you, share your heart with those not nearby and don't forget to thank Papa for all the blessings He's given you. Life is short....the times are hard....and the night is on us. But we also know that joy comes in the morning! Shalom, Spitfire


The Quiet Life said...

It's just so sureal. We just moved from there in March. And my husbands old company is right around the corner from where this happened. You could see this building from there.... :(

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I believe that we will be seeing a lot more of this, because our government seems hell bent on bring Muslims into our military and into our country. Check out the following link and you will have your eyes opened.

The Local Malcontent said...

Oh my. Our sympathies and prayers do indeed go out to the victims and their families of the shooting there in nearby Killeen, at Ft Hood.
The trauma caused yesterday there, opens up so many old wounds to all Americans (so many peace loving folks of many nationalities too) since 9/11.

Yes, like you, like Abouna, I feel that these are the endtimes prophets foretold in Daniel, Ezekiel, Revalations, when "right is wrong and wrong is right...."
Leti and I hope that you and yours are safe, Spitfire. Shalom~

Ahavah-Shim'on said...

how are things now?

nanc said...

God help U.S. - the strong delusion is upon U.S.

I cannot wait to go home.

RaDena said...

Spitfire, I just recently returned from a business trip and haven't been on the pc for a few days so I got here late, but as they say, late is better than never and I'm very glad I didn't miss this post! It's great to know how people here at home responded, and it's as I expected them to respond. Thanks for verifying it because I've been out of touch.

I'm lining to those who post about this and of course will add your excellent post immediately! God bless you!