Friday, January 15, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

By now everyone has heard about the earthquake in Haiti....even if you've been under a rock somewhere hibernating you've had to have heard about it! It will start to really get bad down there in the next few days if the aid workers can't get in there to start the rebuilding/rescuing. I'd ask all to pray for the victims and their families. I'd also like to ask all my dear readers to say a few extra prayers for Francios. He's an orphan down in Haiti that we supported for several years. We had to withdraw our support 3 years ago when we had the twins living with us but we've continued to pray for Francios. He lived in an orphanage just outside Port Au Prince. He's the same age as Little Critter....9. We've been able to find out from the website that the orphanage is in pretty good shape, but haven't been able to find anything out about Francios. He lived in the mountains at one the orphanage's other buildings....some of those collapsed. We're praying Francios is well and that Papa would keep the terrors away from him...and I ask that you join us in that prayer.

I've now made it through the first two weeks of tax season. It's been busy, but really pretty enjoyable! I love my job....both of them. Little Critter is having a little trouble adjusting to having to get up early and do his work more independently than normal, but he's adjusting. He's used to sitting at the kitchen table with me and he works on his work while I work on my work....usually working on future lesson plans, writing letters or sewing. Now, he has to sit in the back room and I'm up front usually with either a client at my desk, or a pile of paperwork to get done for the office. I miss getting to hear from everyone, but realize this is for a season....and it's a relatively short season! So now I'm thinking and praying for each of you and hoping things are going great for you. Let me know you're all OK if you have time. I try to check your blogs on the weekends....but sometimes don't say anything. So take care and I'll try to post as I can. Shalom, Spitfire

PS LM-thanks for the update. I was beginning to think we'd lost you! Grin. Looking forward to hearing more about your survival blog.


Ahavah-Shim'on said...

great to hear from you... which reminds me I MUST go and sort out MY tax returns before the end Jan...

nanc said...

So you DID come up for air!

My apology for not getting by sooner - have been in the midst of planning a townhall event for a congressional candidate - it will be a toughie as he is an independent and everyone also loves the republican incumbent!

We are hoping to invite as many as possible to future events.

Met up with the candidate for Secretary of State and man-o-man is he the real deal! Thinking about joining up with his campaign team.

The only problem I'm having with our taxes is the first time homeowner credit - for us it's $7000, but we plan to turn this place around and sell it ASAP and if you do that within three years, you're bound to pay back the credit - something you may already be privy to. We don't want to be bound to this government any more than we already are.