Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shabbot Shalom

Shabbot Shalom, my friends. For those who don't celebrate Shabbot....I'm sorry. I'm sitting here listening to some awesome Messianic music (Praise Adonai at the moment) and feeling so peaceful! I had planned to fix baked salmon for Shabbot dinner tonight, but last night as I was checking to see what was on hand, I discovered I didn't have any salmon steaks to fix!!!! After a momentary panic, I decided to allow Papa to tell me what to fix. When the temps reached almost 80 today, I chose a cold plate dinner. So we had smoked salmon (which we all love and I try to always have on hand), deli roast beef (sliced paper thin!) and a hearty beef sausage that Dodi loves. Then we added a veggie tray with yellow bell pepper, broccoli from the garden, grape tomatoes (for Dodi), green onions, cucumber (for Little Critter) and baby carrots (for me!).. We also had a fresh lettuce/spinach salad with dried fruits, walnuts, eggs and cheese in it, olives, fresh basil, horseradish, and a fruit tray with grapefruit slices, cantelope, watermelon, green grapes and fresh blueberries. When you add in some crackers, 4 kinds of cheese and fresh (like still warm from the oven) challah, it was a feast!! And for dessert, I made some little mini tarts with store bought philo cups filled with a cream cheese/yogurt mix and fresh fruit. We prayed for each other, our guests, those that couldn't be here tonight (yes, Ben....that means you Sweetie), and our leaders. Then we had a blast just telling stories of growing up in our respective families. Even Little Critter joined in the discussion and told stories about his growing up years....all 8 of them. (It was so funny, we all had trouble not laughing as he talked as though he was ancient! Smiley face) I'm now sitting here relaxing, enjoying the cool of the evening, and listening to the music. What a blessing Shabbot is! Sunday, the week will begin again, and no doubt will be full of events that will try to wipe out this feeling of peace, joy and rest. But that's OK. I know that next Friday, we'll have preparation day and at sundown, Shabbot will begin again. When the week's trials try to drag me down, I just turn on my music, and relax in my Papa's lap. I wish you each could experience this peace, and rest. Well, tomorrow Little Critter and I will get to make groggers (kinda like noise makers at New Year's) for the children's Purim celebration at church Sunday night. The kids love Purim....lots of noise, colors and of course, food! So I better get ready for bed before it's time for me to go to work.....I pray you each experience Papa's peace, rest and joy this week my friends. Shabbot Shalom, (Sabboth peace) Joie


Gayle said...

Sounds delicious, Spitfire!

You are one of the few people I know who homecooks as much as I do. We both make our own bread, for instance, and without using a bread machine. I make most of my own sauces and I'll bet you do too. There's nothing like real home cooking!

I'm trying hard to experience Papa's peace, hon, but sometimes I get so totally infuriated at what's going on in this country right now. If it weren't for Papa I'd probably have to be committed! :)

Blessings and hugs to you, Dodi, Little Critter, and that nice guy in your guest room. We need a nickname for him. I don't like using people's real names on the internet without their permission.

Ahavah said...

My sister came to visit us yesterday and said it was the best 'blobby day' ever ....

changing the world - one person at a time :0D