Friday, March 20, 2009

Special days number 1

Well, last Sunday it Little Critter had his 9th birthday. He's no longer Mommy's Little Critter. Sniff, sniff. He's now becoming Mommy's Young Man Critter. Yuck, I don't even like to say that!!!! Although I'm hit with the reality of it everyday now.....he's almost 5 ft tall and he's just turned 9! To keep this in perspective, I stand 5 ft 3 inches if I stand really straight!!!! Surely it was only last week we brought him home from the hospital....gracious, how quickly the time flies! (and yes, we are having least most of the time! ;-)
He was a bit cranky when we started the day with a simple Happy Birthday Little Critter. And then told him to stop dawdling and get ready for church. He got more excited when he got a card and money from one of the men at church. Then he asked if we were going out to eat lunch afterwards and we said no, we'd just go home and eat leftovers from Shabbot the night before. Deep and heavy sigh from Little Critter. We could almost see the bubble above his head reading "It's my birthday!!!! Aren't we going to do ANYTHING out of the ordinary?!?! Where's my cards, and gifts and lavous attention?!?!?!?!" Poor Dodi and I were having a hard time maintaining ourselves. We managed to keep it together till we got home. While we'd been at church, Dear Cousin had been quite busy on our behalf. When Little Critter went in to change his clothes after church, he was met by a new grown up type desk, a computer of his own, and a raspberry chocolate crumble cake! It was wonderful seeing his joy and surprise. Now, before one thinks we went on a serious shopping spree.....I mean after all we are a single income family! The desk is the desk MY father (Pawpaw) built for me when I turned 10. (Yes, Gayle, that makes it an antique! LOL!) And the 'new' computer is really built by Dear Cousin out of various and assundry was a 10 year old computer Dear Cousin gutted and rebuilt with new parts. Pawpaw donated the computer and monitor for the celebration. Dodi cleaned up and did some minor repair work on the desk, and I made the cake. All in all, Little Critter (who later got more money from family and friends) felt the day was a wonderful birthday. We also gave him an extra of thanks for the blessing he's been to us. Then we snuggled on the couch and watched movies for the was cold, wet and yucky outside. So we made precious memories inside instead. What a joy. For those of you who have 'littles'....enjoy them. I know it's hard when they're little. You have no time to/for yourself. But trust me, that time passes SO quickly. Treasure the time you have with your littles while you can, it's over in a heartbeat. So my love letter today (the 15th) came in the form of a little boy quickly turning into a young man and the bitter sweet tug at my heart. As much as I love Little Critter, Papa loves him more. What an amazing thing. That I can feel some of what Papa feels when He sees Little Critter. Wow! Yes, the job of mother is amazing. Be blessed my friends. Shalom, joie

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