Sunday, April 26, 2009

beautiful days

Well, dear friends, here it's been almost a week since last I posted again! Where does the time fly? And I thought I'd have a life again after tax season....silly me. But it's been a wonderful week! The weather is starting to heat up here in Texas....but the wind has continued to blow. Thus keeping it from getting hot yet. (although 80-85 can feel plenty warm, trust me!)
Little Critter and I have been able to spend several days working in our garden this week. What a joy that is! The other day, I took our CD player out with us and we listened to CD's. Unfortunately, we found out our CD player is anti-semitic. Yep, hard to be believe, but the silly thing kept hanging up in the middle of some of our favorite Jewish music CDs. It didn't do that when we listened to Veggie Tales......or Adventures in Odessey...or even the old Father Knows Best shows. Only my Jewish music. So now we'll have to find a new CD player that's not anti-semetic. (ie: hasn't been dropped several times when Little Critter is rearranging his room and acidentally drops the CD player). But before it decided it no longer liked my Paul Wilbur CD, we were listening to Dance with Me, Lover of My Soul. I adore that song!!!!! Little Critter was trying real hard to look like he was working while digging holes in the rows instead of weeding. So I told him he had to dance with me! So right there in the yard beside the garden, we waltzed to Dance with me. When he complained that people would think we were nuts, I told him he could weed instead....suddenly we didn't look so silly to him. (mean ole Mommy!) Then we looked up, and I kid you not.....the trees were dancing with us!!!! Even Little Critter's mouth dropped open. "MOM! LOOK! The trees are dancing with us!!!!" yep, there on the other side of the house, we could see the huge Oaks waving their limbs from one side to the other....exactly in time with the music! And the wind was NOT blowing from side to side.....only from one direction. It was awesome. Now, I'm certain there's someone who could easily give me some natural reason for the trees to act like that....but I don't want to hear it. Sorry to be closed minded here, but it was just such a joy to see the trees waving in the breezes and feel that they were dancing with us while we danced with Papa. I'll treasure those few minutes for a long time. And Little Critter now thinks Papa is here with us instead of way off in heaven somewhere. In his own words: 'Momma, do you think G-d likes dancing with us?" I replied, yes. And he said "I reckon we'll have to dance with Him some more then. Ya think?" So we danced some more with the Creator of the World. What an incredible blessing. I pray you will also dance with Papa my friends, in whatever way you choose to dance. If you don't you may see the trees dancing with Him and putting you to shame. Be blessed. Shalom, Spitfire


Ahavah said...

yer know I am becoming more and more convinced that if I took you both to a large body of water... lets say the Red Sea .... and you two raised your arms - I am quite, quite convinced that the rest of us would be looking at dry sea-bed in no time at all :0D

..... remember this when the next storm comes, raise your hands and the Creator of our World will dance to protect you, where ever you may find yourself. x

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Dancing in the garden worshiping with the trees. What a great day! Have you read "The Great Dance" and "Parable of the Dancing God"? Both are free at

Thank you for the kind sweet comment. You are a dear.


Gayle said...

Robin said " are a dear." Exactly! :)

That's a beautiful post, hon, but I have one teensy-weensy question: Did Little Critter ever do any weeding?