Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life begins again!

Well, my dear friends, tax season is officially over. Hallelujah! The office did the same number of returns as last year with half the personel. So I will readily admit I've been working horrible hours the last couple of weeks. Hence the lack of posts. Please accept my apologies for sporadic visits to your blogs and silences here. But now life can begin again. Oh, happy dancing. I will continue to have to work one day a week the rest of the year, but it's only one day a week! And not every single week. So there's a blessing!
Speaking of blessings, as the boss and another employee and I were talking today, both said that while there were some problems with other employees, this over all, was a great year. The two of us with the most experience worked our socks off, but the less experienced girl learned alot and can hardly wait for next year. The only real problems were with two part timers who were young, tactless and a bit self centered. Since they won't be back next year, I look forward to a smoother running year next year. I have to admit to a bit of pride when they both said it had been a great year....since this was my first year officially as Office Leader/Manager as well as Tax Pro, I was a feeling a bit proud that I'd managed to successfully manage to keep the office atmosphere upbeat and friendly (for the most part). Even with the constant 'disasters' of one part timer and the striving between the two of the part timers. Youth is so over rated....sigh.
Well, as Little Critter and I enjoyed our day of errands, visits and no school, (as well as plenty of rest!!!) I couldn't help but thank Papa for allowing us the freedom to basically goof off today. Tomorrow will be preparation day for Shabbat. And we both love getting the house ready and cooking the food for Shabbat. So even though I have to go into work for a little while tomorrow, we have a treat when we get home....getting ready for Papa's visit to our home for Shabbat. What a treat! I pray you find the love letters from Papa in each of your days and look forward to visiting each of your blogs soon. Shalom, Spitfire


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Now we can all settle down and start saving up for next years taxes. And for all those who believe that Obama is going to give them a tax cut, ya, sure. The government will make up for it by raising taxes on all goods and services.

Ahavah said...

ahhh goody goody you're back with us :0D

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Christians sadly broke from their Jewish roots, but it is easy to re-establish this by attending a Messianic Congregation and observing all the Shabot and all the festivals as God did say we would do this for eternity.

I am happy you finally had a good rain down there in central Texas.

God bless you and enjoy your day dear one.