Friday, September 11, 2009

A Reminder from Papa

Today is a day to remember one of the most horrible days in modern history. A day that affected not only America, but most every country in the world. A day that affected almost 3000 families...and not in a helpful way. A day that many asked "Where was G-d?!"
But I suggest that Papa was there all the time. Did He allow the disaster that happened that day? Perhaps. We know He didn't prevent it occuring...because it did happen. But does that mean He wasn't there? I don't think so. I believe that in the midst of all that horror, He was watching and waiting. And each and every time someone called out to Him, He rushed to the side of that person, reminding them of His love for them, comforting them, protecting some and for those who had accomplished their purpose here..He released them from the horror of the situation and took them home. 
Most everyone over the age of 10 remembers where they were and what they were doing that day. For those of us old enough, it's like the day President John F Kennedy was shot. A day that will live forever in our minds and forever bring a pain to our hearts. A day that changed America....
As we go through this day today, I suggest we all need to remember what happened on this day 8 years ago. Remember all those innocent folks that died...the mothers,fathers, brothers, sisters, children, spouses. We need to remember the families that were forever changed in such a horrific way...the parents whose child died, the children who's parents never came home from work that day, the brothers and sisters who will never again get to share secrets/jokes/hugs with their siblings, the spouses that will live the rest of their lives with holes in their hearts....but also remember that Papa in His infinite mercy and love was there. He knew from the beginning of time that day would occur. He knew from the beginning of time the heroes that would need to spring from nowhere to unselfishly and inflinchingly give all they had to save/comfort/rescue/treat others. And He made sure those heroes were where they needed to be so they could be His hands and feet, His eyes and ears, His mouth speaking soothingly or comfortingly to those that grieved, or hurt, or were frightened.
I pray this day, while solemn, also be a celebration of the lives of those that died, the contributions of the heroes we didn't know we had, and the awe inspiring love that was demonstrated by people all over the world as for a little while, differences were forgotten and we were all children of Papa. May He give comfort and strength to the families that experienced loss, wisdom and compassion to those who only watched the disaster from afar, and a knowledge for all that though that day was painful and nightmarish, He was there. Just as He has been in every disaster since Noah's flood. Just waiting for us to call out to Him, whispering in our ears how much He adores us. May those called by His Name, remind each other and tell those that don't know...and may His peace dwell with us all. Shalom, spitfire


RaDena said...

Of course He was there, Spitfire. He is everywhere.

This post is beautifully written, hon. I haven't been able to get through a 9/11 anniversary yet without tearing up and I doubt I ever will! Neither do I understand how so many people seem to have put it completely out of their minds as though it never happened. I guess there are many things I don't understand, but one thing I do understand is that wonderful people like you help make up for the fact that we have so much evil in the world. God bless you!

nanc said...

His greatest desire is that we comfort ourselves in Him - He was there hoping we'd turn to Him. many did - many forgot. never forget.

lovely tribute, spitfire.

my wordv = juspa

Spitfire said...

RaDena, Thank you Sweetie. What wonderful words...I'm humbled that my scribblings are effective. And I'm blessed by your friendship also.

Nanc, thank you for your kind words, and yes, we should never forget....not only that day, but that day so long ago when another Father watched in horror as His Son died...for us. Shalom.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I can only hope and pray that our liberal public schools don't ever let our children and grandchildren ever forget what happened on 9/11, for that would be to our shame.

Susannah said...

Beautiful. Tender. Moving.

Was God there? yes. Was God's heart grieved? yes. Could God have stopped it? yes. Why didn't He? I don't know. Does He want us to turn to Him in times of tragedy? yes. Is He big enough to hold our deepest sorrows, most overwhelming fears? bigger. Is He enough to heal our brokenness? more than enough.

Christopher Willis said...

Yes and Amen.