Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Cold Love Letter

Tuesday I had to attend a workshop for my job as office manager of an H & R Block tax office. It was in the 20's when I got up and got ready to go to the meeting. As I picked up the other folks riding with me, the owner of the office bought us cappuccino and put gas in my car, then off we go. The weather was icky, the temps miserably cold (especially since Sunday it was almost 70!!!) Then after the lecture part of the meeting, my boss was taking photos of several folks for the websites of each office. (Mine was done last year and didn't need to be redone) But I noticed all these lovely ladies would smile and laugh and talk as they waited their turn, then in front of the camera all smiles disappeared. One of my friends was in front of the camera and I told her to smile, to which she replied "Oh, I hate my smile!" This just broke my's this lovely young woman, with a delightful and charming smile claiming she hates her smile. How that must have hurt Papa. He gave her that smile to brighten others' day, to share His love with others and she hates it....How odd. Then I kept watching. She wasn't the only one. All of the 20 or so men and women had the same response. Now, I'm the first one to often question why Papa made me the way He did....would it really have destroyed some cosmic plan for me to perhaps be more attractive?!?!?! But to say I hate parts of myself? Knowing He formed me in my mother's womb before I was even born, and that He has a plan for me that He wrote before time began. Wow. It reminded me how important it is to remember who I am....I'm a daughter of the King of the Universe! I may not understand why I look or sound the way I do, but I do KNOW He made me this way for a purpose. And part of my purpose is to remind others who they are...or could be. I'm to be His light, joy and love to all I meet. So I made it a point to tell my friend what a delightful and lovely smile she has....and that she should use it often! It brightens other's day. I hope you, my friends, will remember who you are. You're a daughter of the King. That makes you a princess!!! It matters not what you look reflect your Father! And He's beautiful!!! So smile! You're beautiful, just the way you are. Shalom, Joie


Ahavah said...

'I am a daughter of the King of the Universe!'

You know when you put it like THAT - you can't help but smile and rejoice knowing that you are deeply loved.

Russ said...

Contrary to some comments, I am NOT such a big stick-in-the-mud that I couldn't finally figure out this "blogging" thing.

(Next week I learn about texting ...) ;)

Really a well-done lash-up you've got going here, spitfire! I look forward to more!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Joie, Glad you found my new blog site. I was on WordPress for a short period but decided to return to Blogspot because WordPress was a bit too restrictive as far as widgets go and they kept freezing up when I was trying to post things.

Yes, Munchkin will be adding her two-cents worth. She will post once a week in a spot called; "From the Couch of Munchkin - (or 'Who let the Dog Out?')".

I hope you will drop by often. Shalom and G_d Bless. "Abouna" Gregori