Monday, December 15, 2008

Love Letter in the Midst

Well, today Little Critter and I finished our Torah (Bible) study and were working on things for the holidays. We celebrate Hanukkah as well as doing an Advent Bible study (to prepare our hearts to hear Papa better, but we do this year round too....without the candles) and our families still celebrate Christmas. We also celebrate Yeshua's birth, but at Sukkot. But we exchange gifts with our family and friends at this time of the year. So as we're working on cards and things, Little Critter decides he needs to go thru some of his toys and things to give to some cousins. (These are kids that we also fostered for a while. So the kids are pretty close) As he's choosing toys and rejecting or contemplating them for various reasons, I was touched. His generosity of heart was a blessing to my Mommy heart. He picked out things he really enjoyed or has a sentimental attachment to but wanted to share the joy he has had with them with his cousins. These choices weren't just junk!(This from the kid who often refuses to trash the "happy meal" toys he occasionally gets!?!?! Maybe he really IS getting some of the things we're trying to teach him!?!!) It reminded me of the way Papa wants to share his favorite or most sentimental 'toys' with us! While we may ask, whine or beg for certain gifts from Papa....and His Father's heart wants to grant our requests. He can also see the effects and consequences of our requests that we often (OK, most the time) can't see or understand. So just like Little Critter rejected some of his choices (too noisy for Grandma or Uncle Randy...pieces missing from this puzzle....maybe too difficult for the age of that cousin) so Papa sometimes rejects our requests based on the long term consequences or effects of our requests. Does that mean He didn't answer our prayer? No...It means that as any loving parent would do He considered our request and chose the best for us. So when we ask for something and don't get it, remember, as a child of the King, our Father is considering our requests, weighing the consequences/effects and only giving us the best! Shalom, Joie

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Ahavah said...

I can well appreciate the difficulties of living in a 'multi-faith' household - mum's rooms are decked out like 'Santa's Grotto' while my 'apartment' (two rooms upstairs) hasn't got a bit of tinsel/green tree to be seen.

On a different thread - my 'kids' are nearing their 30's and still to this day - recycle their 'toys' / clothes / ??? to those around them... something they also learned to do while they were at Little Critters age.