Friday, December 12, 2008

A new love letter today

This is Shabbot. For those who don't undestand, it's the sabboth day. A day of rest, family, fun and listening to Papa. And yes, Papa is what I call G-d. To me, G-d is formal and stiff. I know Him to be much more than that. He is my Abba, (Hebrew for Daddy). Since Daddy is what young children call their Father, I call Him Papa. It conveys much the same things as Daddy, but even more. To me, Papa is a combination of that grandfather we all loved so much who spoiled us rotten and then sent us home, and our earthly fathers who we wrapped around our little fingers the first time we smiled at them. Papa loves to spoil us rotten, but won't hesitate to discipline us either. His discipline is always done with love and while sometimes painful at first, is for our own good. To help us become the people He created us to be, to live into our potentials. So, now that we understand each's the love letter I got today from Papa.
Each day, I believe, Papa sends us little love letters to remind us how precious we are to Him and how much He wants to talk with us and spend time with us. Today was a typical Shabbot prep day. Lots of cooking and cleaning to get done in between homeschooling my Little Critter. (He's a typical wormy, squirmy little boy of 8 who thinks he's part Superman, part 2 yr old.) As I began to feel that nothing was going to work out 'right' and I'd never figure out what to cook for Shabbot dinner, a friend I used to teach with called. She just wanted to check on me and make sure we were all doing well. I haven't heard from her in several months, so this phone call was both a surprise and a joy. We chatted for almost an hour, caught up on each others news and then vowed we'd stay in closer contact. As I hung up, I thought what a nice surprise...someone calling to tell me I'm important to them. Important enough to stay in touch with. WoW! I'm just a simple homekeeper who homeschools in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Then it dawned on me, Papa feels that way about me too! I'm important to Him. Important enough to stay in touch with. Too Cool! I quickly thanked Him for this little love letter and quiet reminder that no matter how insignificant we feel or how invisible we think we are to others, He never forgets us or looses track of us. I hope you learn to see the love letters He sends you also. He loves you! Shalom, Joie

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Ahavah said...

I've had a really, really rough few days and I have been made to feel so insignificant that I had, literally, given up.

Yet you have managed to remind me what I had forgotten: Our Father is the love beneath our wings.