Monday, July 13, 2009

I've been tagged!

This is just too cool! While on vacation, Ahava tagged me for having an inspirational blog. This just blows my mind! So thank you Ahava for your kind comments....just remember, you were the one who pushed and prodded me into starting a blog! (You are a Sweetheart and I'm blessed to know you and count you as a friend!hugs)

So, in response to the tag, I'm to list several groups of eights....this should give you a chance to know me a little better and perhaps understand how my little 2 cylinder brain functions. (or not-sometimes I don't understand how my little pea brain functions!) Here we go:

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. Dancing with Papa everyday, whenever I want (while in heaven with Him!)
2. Meeting the 4 children I had to return to Heaven before getting to know them.
3. Asking SO many questions of the great men and women of the Torah about their faith, their lives and their families.
4. Being able to be debt free in the next year (except our house...that will take 3 more years!WOHOO!!!!)
5. Being able to have Dodi retire and enjoy being home with Little Critter and I...(that's in the plans as soon as Papa releases him from his current job as coach!)
6. Being able to move outside of town and have as many chickens and goats and kitties and puppies and horses and .....well, as many critters as we can feed and a garden to feed us.
7. Becoming the woman Papa intended me to be....sometimes I feel I haven't even begun the journey, otherdays I feel the journey has been going on forever and I haven't made any progress. sigh.
8. Reuniting with family and friends that have already returned to Papa and seeing so many friends I have all over the world that I've never met except online. (Lookout Ahava, Cindy, Alaska Bea, Steph, Rachel-I'll be looking for you my sweeties!! Can hardly wait to sit down with a great big cuppa and some serious girl talk!!!!)

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Ease the pain of all the moms and children of the world....sigh
2. Learn Hebrew.....this has been a couple years I've worked at it and still don't have it down yet...I'd love to learn the language Yeshua used when here. Perhaps one day.
3. Influence one life a day to learn more about our loving Papa so that they'd follow Him.
4. Be more like that Proverbs 31 woman that so often makes me feel like I'm not beginning to stack up....
5. Bring a smile and a giggle to Papa at least once a day.
6. Be the wife, mother, and grammie my Dodi, children and grandchildren need me to be.
7. Have a house outside of town that is big enough to provide a safe haven for any and all who'd need it with a huge garden, lots of critters and enough joy, peace and nurturing to repair the hurts this world dishes out.
8. Bring all I meet into a real relationship with Papa so we can spend eternity together with Him.

8 things I love:
1. Abba, Ben Adam, Ruach HaKodesh (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)
2. Dodi, Little Critter and the rest of my family
3. Being able to do things for my parents to make their lives easier in their elder years. (They're both in the Hebraic age of "The Gray Age" being in their 70's)
4. Being able to teach Little Critter and the kids at church about their wonderful Papa!
5. Gardening, growing, canning, freezing, cooking, preparing new foods...Ok, if it deals with food, I love it!!!!! (Hence the 40 lb weight gain in the last 17 years!!!!! Grin)
6. Critters....especially the unconditional love they share with us for such little things as providing food and water for them. Not to mention the lessons about Papa I learn from them!
7. Learning new things and being able to do them reasonably well.
8. The wonder in children's eyes when they see something or learn something new and understand it. The excitement of splashing in rain puddles, chasing and catching 'lightening' bugs, seeing a green stem suddenly have a beautiful flower the next morning, learning to read...I could go on far too long. I reckon I just love children....

8 things I did yesterday:
1. Taught the children at church about their nearing age of accountability and the many faces of Papa.
2. Visited with my parents and did the ironing for Nana. (She's blind, ironing is a real trick when you can't see what you're ironing! Smile.)
3. Read a few blog entries of my friends and posted some responses.
4. Got most the laundry done....(we celebrate Shabbat so Sunday is a work day, we rest on Saturday)
5. Prepared an early dinner of corned beef, steamed cabbage and broccili with cheese.
6. Went to evening services at the church Dodi enjoys going to. (I get bored...they spend 20 minutes talking about 1 Tanak verse....But Dodi enjoys it and I like the people there. So we go.)
7. Prepared a care package for eldest son who's now stationed in Colorado. (He just returned from Iraq a couple months ago.)
8. Read some interesting articles and posts on some favorite Messianic sites and studied Torah before bed.

8 shows I watch:
yikes, this is gonna be hard....we don't watch that much TV.
1. Little House on the Prairie ( Little Critter loves to watch this one....)
2. The Rifleman (another of Little Critter's favorites....I'm not overly excited about it....I usually doze thru it. smile)
3. Beck (on FoxNews channel....I agree with him that we need far less government and far more personal responsiblity!)
4. MannaFest with Perry Stone (lost of interesting digging into our Hebraic roots)
5. Saturday mornings we watch several cartoons and shows on the Christian stations.....
That's about it....we watch the Hallmark channel some, the history channel some, the FoxNews channel some.....the Food Network some, HGTV some.....but not really anything we have to rearrange the schedules for.
Oh, I was watching Spiritual Warfare with Rabbi Moshe Laurie almost daily until they changed the time he's I seldom get to watch him. Sniff, sniff. I love his show!!!
I think that's it. sorry, couldn't come up with 8. Oh well.

Ok, last but not least, I get to tag some of you!!! So, let's see......
1. Heart of Wisdom blog...Robin is an inspiration to all! I always gain something good from her blog on any one of several areas.
2. Blasting Caps and Dynamite....My friend and her husband are a hoot! They're full of spit and vinager and that's one reason we like each other so much....if she weren't a brunette, I just know she'd be a red head!!!
3. Conservative Outrage... Pops is a real Sweetie who loves Papa dearly.
4. Nazarene Chabad This is a friend from Tabernacle. He doesn't post real often, but they're pretty meaty and interesting.
5. The Door Post This is a great place to learn more about our Hebraic Roots. You have to join to look thru everything, but it's free and easy to join. It's more of a webring (I think) than a blog, but I've enjoyed it.
6. Let the Truth Be Known This is a blog run by an Orthodox Catholic Priest. But he's a hoot. Sometimes he gets really angry about things, but his love for Papa is evident in all he writes. And his puppy Munchie gets to put in some really fun posts too!
7. Recovering Christians This is Ahava's blog. It's wonderful!!!!
8. The Quiet Life-A work in Progress This is the blog of an army wife with three small kids. She's inspiring as she does all that she does with a quiet spirit. Truly amazing!

Well, as you can see I have an eclectic list of folks I keep track of. I hope you enjoy them too if you choose to visit them. Now, I have to get to work today.....before the day is over!
Thanks again Ahava for tagging me. You've blessed me Sweetie. I hope this has been interesting for you and that those of you who were tagged are blessed also. Look for the little Love Letters from Papa... He sends them everyday if we'll only look for them. Shalom, Spitfire


Ahavah said...

Ahhh you found it then? lol!

It is lovely to read and learn a bit more about you and yes - we will need several large pots of tea to keep us going - perhaps I should bring a homemade bakewell tart to keep us going?

I think too that the women in Proverbs sounds too formidable - not your scene at all... ..... nooo I think you are more in the Huldah and Zipporah mold.... yep definately - without a shadow of a doubt - Huldah and Zipporah

in case you were wondering... :0D

RaDena said...

I was a redhead for many years, but it was from a bottle. My hair is naturally dark auburn. Well... it was naturally dark auburn. Nowdays that's out of a bottle too. LOL!

Thanks for the tag, hon. It's a big one and I don't have the time to do it, but I'm honored that you thought of me, but I can tell you your tv watching is pretty much the same as ours. Most of the time in the evening we wath a movie we've rented from NetFlix. At least that way we know what we're getting.