Friday, July 17, 2009

Two points for me!

Earlier this week, we had an appointment to go talk with the Dietitian. This was a requirement from the new specialist Dodi went to a few weeks ago that angered me so deeply. So I was not excited about this 'visit', but we went anyway. As some of you know, Dodi is diabetic. Has been for 15 years or so. And the first 5 years, we managed his blood sugars with diet meds. After 5 years, he started on oral meds and over the last 10 years the dosages have progressively gotten higher and higher with more and more drugs going into his system. This has bothered me for years.

Now, I will admit I have not always been good about cooking all our meals from scratch....but for the last year or two have gotten much better about it. I have, since his diagnosis, been good about trying my best to all I could to use foods and supplements and spices that would help control his blood sugars as naturally as possible. (I'm not sure I trust all these man made drugs to not screw things up worse than before.) So we've been on an Atkins type diet for about 4-5 months now. We don't even keep sugar in the house (unless dear cousin buys it for his coffee and occasionally I buy him a small pkge), we grow as much fresh veggies as we can, and I buy fresh when I have to. I can or freeze our produce and use it during the off seasons. So I felt we were doing pretty well.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The dietitian agreed that we were doing quite well! WOHOO! Now, she advocates adding more carbs into our diet and eating less protein...but that doesn't make sense! Why add foods that turn straight into sugars into the diet of someone with uncontrolled high blood sugar?!?! So we're taking some of her advice and going with the advice of the wholeistic doctor on other parts. What does this mean for us? Well, for those of you who prepare Shabbat's like making Shabbat dinner for most every meal only in smaller portions. But we're beginning to see some really positive results from this. Dodi has lost almost 50 lbs, his blood sugars are now running 200 and below (they were in the 400's!) and he's feeling much better most the time. Now if we can just get him off the insulin shots at night, life will be awesome! (He only takes the insulin at night, during the day he still uses oral meds.) So your prayers would be appreciated as we attempt to defy the medical community at large and cure him of his diabetis. I realize everyone says you can't cure diabetis....but I know the Creator. And I also know HE didn't create diabetis......He created Dodi with perfectly functioning body parts, and healed him of this wretched disease over 2000 years ago. We're just waiting for Dodi's body to line up with the Word of YHWH and show that healing.

I pray things are going well for each of you and you're enjoying your summers. We're trying to stay as cool as you can in triple digit temps but we're still having fun....just inside. LOL! You know it's hot when even the lizards don't want to come out and play until after sundown!!!!! Have a blessed weekend, a restful Shabbat and know I pray for each of you daily. May Papa load you up with love letters this weekend. Shabbat Shalom, Spitfire


The Quiet Life said...

I'll pray with you. Keep working hard. Y'all will get there. Your husband can be nice and healthy just like the Father created him to be. Shabbat Shalom

RaDena said...

Good for you, Spitfire! I understand it's a lot of work, but I also know that you probably enjoy it because all your effort is for a good cause. Dodi is a lucky man, but I'll bet he knows that. Not every wife would go to all that trouble. Sad, but true.

You also have my prayers, hon, and I know you'll keep up the good work. It does astound me that the doctor would tell you to start using more carbs and less protein. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.