Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy Birthday America! I realize this post is a little behind...but it's still the Fourth of July here. I'm just behind on getting this posted. (Oops.) Here's hoping as folks are watching their fireworks, eating with family and friends, and listening to patriotic music or watching great old movies about our country that we all remember that this county WAS founded as a Judeo-Christian country! I don't care what Mr. Obama tells the world about us not being a Christian country. He's wrong!!!

Our entire form of government and our laws are based on the 10 Words (Commandments) and the form of government set up by YHWH in Deuteronomy! We have a Democratic Republic form of government. One set up of the people, for the people and by the people.

I thankful to live in this country...even if I don't like the road we appear to heading down. I still believe there's enough people with backbone to turn us back toward what our founders intended. I'm also incredibly proud of our military personnel. (yes, I have two foster sons in the military and a dear friend just leaving Iraq but heading for Afghanistan, so I'm biased!) We have a volunteer military, and they do a fine job! They're underpaid, underappreciated, and dishonored on a regular basis. They do the best they can without the equipment they need and without the support of our government, President, media or large sections of our population. But those men and women risk their lives every single day to protect our freedoms! And while there's always a few screwballs in the group, for the most part, they are cream of the crop! I pray Yah blesses and protects each of them!

Now I pray each of you dear readers, have a blessed Fourth of July and remember to thank Papa for the blessings He's given us. For my friends in other countries, may you have a blessed weekend and now we'll praise your countries as I find out about your Independence Days. May Papa bless each of you and may He bless The United States of America. Shalom, Spitfire


ABNPOPPA said...

Hi Spitfire,

Just got back and wanted to drop you a line. Like I said this place is just awesome. I love all these guys but one of my favorite is Sgt. Kody Anderson. You may have read about him on my blog when his father passed away and he was in Baghdad. He is the heart of this county, and those like him. I just have to tell someone.

I was standing with my son and his family and Sgt. Anderson saw us. Now he is about 6 feet 2 and I tower in at a 5 foot maybe 8. He walked over grabbed my hand, shook it, and gave me the biggest hug I could imagine. Asked how I was doing and offered to do anything he could for me. We talked about everything. It's a good thing the fireworks started or we might still be there.

I am going to post about my experience at Fort Bragg a little later.

Thank you for your prayers.


July 4, 2009 11:21 PM

RaDena said...

Happy Independence Day, Spitfire!

We had a wonderful one too. The best part was turning off the television and not listening to any news all weekend. :)

God bless!