Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life is going on.....and on....and on

Folks, I'm sorry I haven't blogged in the last 10's been more hectic than normal  and  I haven't taken the time to write much more than checks!!! LOL! Oh,well. Things will get day. Let me catch you up on what's going on.

We didn't get to spend nearly as much time in our Sukkah as we'd hoped. Between the rain, the colder weather and Dodi fighting the flu....well, I know Papa will understand. We had a blast the few times we did get to spend time in it. And are now plotting and planning how to make it better next year. (with more room for some small cots to sleep for each of us even!!!!!) We did get to celebrate several times with our fellowship at the corporate Sukkah. That was was way different from what we normally do, but it was fun even so. We're truly blessed to have found a group of like minded believers!!!!

After Sukkah ended, we danced ourselves silly with Simchat Torah. This is a celebration found in Leviticus 23:35.It is a celebration of finishing the yearly Torah portions and beginning again on them.It also denotes the end of Sukkah. It's a day to praise, sing, and dance with the Torah. The Torah is held by various members of the Synagogue while they dance to music and is passed to others. Most all are eligible to hold the Torah and dance with it. It is an absolutely thrilling thing to be able to dance with a scroll written so many years ago and dictated by YHWH Himself! Whew! I thought sure I'd lost several pounds after all that dancing.....unfortunately, those pesky pounds seemed to find me again latter in the week.......oh boo.

Little Critter and I have restarted school in earnest again. We had been doing our Torah studies and some other reading, but not all subjects...kinda waiting on Simchat Torah to restart everything all at once. So Monday we restarted. We did Torah study, new word for the day, Hebrew practice, spelling, , science, some art, listened to music and discussed rhythm, and math. Didn't get to History/geography, but not to bad for a first day back. We were also somewhat slowed down due to Dodi being home sick.....bless his heart. He finally admitted he felt horrible, and missed two days of school. (something that doesn't happen often during football season!!!) Tuesday turned into a horrible, awful, no good day....Little Critter woke up cranky, Dodi felt better, (thank Yah!) but I woke up from sleeping on the loveseat feeling like a human pretzel being unwrapped. So we didn't get much done Tuesday. Today has been MUCH better!!!! Dodi's back at work, Little Critter woke up much more cheerful and has worked really hard to make up his work missed from yesterday as well as do today's work. Even the Sun came out today to allow me to FINALLY get some laundry done! So we're dancing again....well, OK, maybe not dancing, but at least we're smiling! Points in our favor! LOL!

I hope each of you have had a wonderful and blessed week while I was overwhelmed here. Somehow it seemed there was not enough hours in any of my days to get all my stuff done. And I have no doubts it will happen again...but I have a plan to make sure I don't get overwhelmed again. I just remind myself "I can do all things thru Yeshua who strengthens me", then I remind myself to 'rejoice, and again I say rejoice in everything!" I find that if I do this, I get three times as much done, no one gets too cranky with me, and I don't get so cranky with anyone else. It truly makes life more pleasant...even in unpleasant situations.

So my sweet friends, keep reminding yourselves how precious you are to Abba (Father), spend plenty of time in His Love Letter to you, and just know it will get better....also know I pray for you daily even if I don't always say anything on your blogs.... I read them all. Shalom, Spitfire


nanc said...

Have you caught up with yourself yet???

Ahavah-Shim'on said...

I thought that your absence might be proof of you having a wonderful holiday.. :0D

How bout a waterproof tent with heater for next year? Happily the weather held out for us here - but certainly you wouldn't catch me outside in this weather... wonders what the temps are in Israel?

Some useful info on the rabbinical holiday known as Simchat Torah...

The Quiet Life said...

Oh, the rain. We thought about putting up the tent. I'm so glad I left it in storage and thank goodness. Our backyard was flooded for days. Thank Yah for all the rain!

RaDena said...

With the wind we had today, it was a great day to hang the wash outside, Spitfire. And a cooler front has moved in. It's absolutely pleasant! :)

Little Critter is so lucky to have a mother who stays home and takes time with him, not only to homeschool him about the three R's, but the really important stuff too. I'm very glad to hear that both Dodi and Little Critter are feeling better.

Blessings to all of you!

tweetey30 said...

Hi came by from Gripers place. I liked your comments about how the school systems are.. You are totally right though.. That is why we pulled our eight year old in when she was in first grade and now our 5 year old is in home schooled kindergarden.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Alleluia, my son finally found a jar of Matzo Ball Soup. I had it last night.

But, I have a bit of bad news. My Dr. now believes that it may be worse then just pneumonia, because the pains in the left side of my chest seem to be getting worse and the fevers haven't subsided enough. He is arranging for me to under go an MRI and chest x ray. This will hopefully be done sometime next week.

I will keep you informed.