Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sukkot 2009

Well, we did it! We got the Sukkah built in record time. Of course most of this has to do with Dodi helping...and our deciding we really could afford to spend a few dollars to buy wood to build it out of...instead of using the bamboo cane we normally gather along the roadsides....but I digress.

Some have heard me speak of our first couple of Sukkot. Flimsy doesn't begin to describe fact I have it from a reliable source that there were 2 battalions of angels holding the silly thing together the first year Little Critter and I build a Sukkah. We had NO clue what we were doing....we only knew Torah had said in Leviticus 23 that this was to be a permanent celebration for all generations. And we were going to do the best we could to build a Sukkah or die trying! (the latter could have easily happened if not for the afore mentioned battalions of angels....)So below is a couple pictures of the second year we build our Sukkah. It's only slightly better than the first year. (But I don't seem to have pictures of the first year.......oh boo Nanc!!!)

See how Little Critter is having to brace the sides....and we had no roof for fear the whole thing would collapse on us! It was pathetic...but we were SO proud of ourselves. We cut the bamboo, stripped all the leaves off, wired the lattice on and prayed real hard whenever anyone was inside it......

Well, this year, Dodi and I determined we needed to do something a bit better. (construction wise) So I bought some lumber and Dodi helped Little Critter and I nail everything together. We even got to decorate this year! We'd been afraid to the last 3 years for fear the weight of a couple sheets of paper would be more than the walls could hold up...LOL! So here are some pictures of this year's Sukkah.

The green stool is for our Shabbat candles and wine glass.  We'll sit in the chairs. This first pic is late afternoon on Friday, 2 October 2009. We have the whole thing slightly under the carport in case of rain.(we have 60% chance of rain all week.....figures heh.)

The Indian Wind Catcher is symbolic of the Thunderbird shield Dodi's
ancestors would have carried. Dodi is Native American or American Indian. So we wanted to include some of his heritage in our Sukkah...since he'll be gone much of the week with school and football. This way, there's a part of him in the Sukkah with us! Grin. And the row of  TV trays will be our 'table' for all the food....See our cane for our roof? Isn't it beautiful!?! (this is where you politely agree....I have cuts and scrapes all over me getting that silly stuff!!!!)

This is what it looked like after we'd lit the candles and Tiki torches. That's Dear Cousin's leg you see at the left...didn't realize I'd gotten him in the picture too. Our Lulav and Lemon (couldn't get a Citron) are in front of the candles on the stool. Doesn't it look better than those first ones?! (again, this is where you politely agree....even if you liked the pathetic one!!!!!) We even have a couple woven mats on the floor to make it a little nicer. I feel kinda like we've gotten our first 'home' instead of a rented apartment on the ghetto side of town. Pardon my pride please. But I think even Papa is pleased with this Sukkah! After 3 years of hearing Him giggle and laugh out loud at our versions of Sukkot, tonight as we prayed and praised Him....I heard no giggles, snickers or laughs....only angels joining us in praising Him. Now if it just doesn't rain tomorrow night, we may even get to sleep in it! I'm hoping next year to make it a little bigger so we can have friends come join us...and be inside the Sukkah. But I believe we're off to a great start. I'll update later in the week...and let you know how many nights Little Critter and I slept out on the ground in our Sukkah! (I think I hear my bones screaming already!?!! LOL!)

So my friends, whether you celebrate Sukkot or not, enjoy this week of meeting with Papa and have a blessed week. Our's is already off to a great start! Grin. Shabbat Shalom and Happy Sukkot! Spitfire


The Local Malcontent said...

Why, it looks just terrific, Spitfire~! Appealing, comfortable, and worthy of being worshipped in.

Likewise, have a blessed week!

Ahavah-Shim'eon said...

I too am very impressed! So where's your sleeping bags going to fit? :0D

RaDena said...

Good job, Spitfire! I'm wondering if you got to sleep in it? Somehow I doubt it because we did get rain, at least we got rain out here. That doesn't necessarily mean you got rain at your house, of course, since Texas weather is pretty weird.

nanc said...


definitely an oh boo moment for not having photos of the first year - perhaps you were busy tending to injuries from the sukkah?

Spitfire said...

RaDena, it's been either too wet or too cool so far to sleep in it, but I still have hopes.....or at least Little Critter does! LOL!

Nanc, I think I was so afraid the vibrations from the flash would cause everything to collapse that I forgot to take any pics that first year!!!!! LOL!

Thanks for the compliments everyone. I'm kinda proud of us!