Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mind boggling words this week

This week's Torah portions included Genesis 1-6:8, Matthew 1 & 2 and from the Prophets, Isaiah 42:5-43:10. So Little Critter and I read them during the week. (I split the readings up and we do a couple chapters a day. That way we have time to discuss and talk about them and he can learn more from them.) Well, I have to admit, we were both comforted as we read the creation story and the birth of Yeshua in Matthew. But when we read Isaiah...I was just stunned at how beautiful those words are. I've read them many times before, but all of a sudden this week, several phrases just jumped out at me. So I'd like to share them with you, my friends.

First, in this passage of Isaiah, YHWH is talking through Isaiah to not only the people of  Israel, but talking TO Yeshua....and also to US. That's what struck me this week, YHWH was talking to US!!!! Too cool. Ok, so if we look in Isaiah 42:6, look at this phrase:"I am YHWH, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you...." Now, imagine the young Yeshua studying his Torah lesson and seeing that. Can you imagine how wonderful He felt to know it was Papa talking to His Son?!?! Even now, when I read it, it makes me feel so incredibly loved and special...He's called me, He's holding my hand and watching over me. Even ME!!! Whew. Kinda makes ya feel you can go out and do incredible things, doesn't it. Well, before you run out to make the world so much better a place than it is right now, please hang on a minute...there's more. Yep, there's more.

Jump down to Isaiah 43:1-3. Have ya found it? Let me help you..."But now says YHWH who formed you O Ya'ackov (Jacob); and He who made you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I called you by name; you are MINE! When you pass thru the waters, I will be with you...."

Did cha catch that? "Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are MINE!" Jumping Jehoshaphat!!! Doesn't that just make your heart swell? He calls us by name...we are HIS! Ok, I'm ready to start dancing now. Happy dancing, happy dancing. He knows my name. He's called me by that name. I am HIS!!!! Now for those who are wondering why this is so exciting for me. Let me explain. I'm not any great beauty, my younger sister was the beauty. My youngest sister had a figure to die for and all the boys eyed fact, I didn't have a figure until after age 40! True story, I was still getting asked for ID when I'd go get wine for Shabbat after Dodi and I got married...I was 36 years old!!!!!! I grew up with speech problems so got teased all the time and was severely hearing impaired (though no one realized it till I was 27 years old...all just thought I talked funny. LOL!) I was told often that I was 'piddly' (meaning unimportant, not worth much) and inconsequential by family members....I believed it for years. I was (and still am to a large extent) the odd one in the family. Now, don't get me wrong, my family is wonderful....but I didn't quite fit in. (Still don't) So for the creator of the universe to know my name and call me important enough for Him to take notice of me is thrilling to me. But don't we each feel that way sometimes? Kinda like we're invisible to those we love the most? Well, dear friends, now you know...Elohim (Almighty G-d) knows your name and calls you HIS! Pretty cool huh?

Keep just keeps on getting better and better!!!Down in verses 4 and 5 He tells us "Since you were precious in My eyes, you are honored, and I love you;and I give men instead of you and peoples instead of your soul. Fear not, for I AM with you;"  Didn't I tell you it got better?! See, no matter how dark and disparate it looks around us, no matter what our leaders attempt to do or take from us, we who believe in Yeshua are honored and loved and YHWH is with us. So there's no need to be afraid. If He created all we see, and provides food and shelter for the birds of the air wouldn't He also take care of us? Of course He will. He just told us He is with us....He knows our names, holds our hands,  He loves us and is with us...always. WOW!!! So while I may get momentarily angry or irritated with what politicians are doing or not doing, with the goof that just cut me off in traffic, or the teenager that just dumped the leftovers of his Happy Meal in my yard while yelling obscenities at Little Critter or I....I'm not afraid. Papa's with us. He will take care of all of it. And He'll do it in such a way that those who don't know Him will understand He did took care of the problem. He Does stand by His words. And He loves us. Whew! So awesome.

So as we go into another week, my friends. Never forget what we read today. He knows your name, He holds your hand, loves you and will be with you....though it all. So stand proud, be fearless, listen  for and follow His voice and do great things for His honor. Now, let's go through this week praising Him and making this world a better place. Shalom, Spitfire


nanc said...


I LOVE HIM! He snatched me from the jaws of death - You are beautiful, spitfire.

I, too, was the somewhat black sheep of the family in every way and still am in many - didn't get my "womanly" figure until i hit 50!

You put this into such perspective - people are perishing for lack of knowledge as stated in Hosea - sometimes I'm overwhelmed by the Lord's goodness toward our family. May Hashem continue to shine down on you and yours.

nanc said...

o.t. - I'm out spreading good cheer this morning!

You'll NEVER feel bad about yourself after viewing those photos...well, unless you're in one of them...BWAH! I just felt so good after viewing just six pages!

Skippy/Cochise said...

HiYa My Little Sis .......
Thank you for the mini sermon. I needed to read what you had to say. I started to write another message this morning, of all places, in church, during the whole service. Don't know when it will be ready. I need to pray over it and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Anyway, your words spoke that blessing to me that I needed so thank you again.
And yes, I too am the black sheep of the family.
JLY & MGBYAKY Love Ya Skippy

RaDena said...

You may have been the black sheep of your family, Spitfire, but not to me. I truly can't imagine anyone telling you that you're "piddly"! WOW! When I think of "piddly" I think of someone weak and helpless and that is so not you! Let someone try picking on Little Critter or Dodi (though I can't imagine anyone picking on Dodi!) and they'll find out right quick how piddly you are. LOL!

Great message in your post today hon. Thank you. :)

Joyful said...

Dear Joie,
When I saw the word Piddly I thought of `Tiddly Winks` Haven't thought of that game in years. Remember it?
Well anyway, your not piddly and your not tiddly wink (no pun intended). As I can tell by your post here, your someone very much in Love with our LORD & Savior Yeshua.
Isn't it awesome that HE walks with us and talks with us. You are Special to me, but your even more Special to Yeshua. I am so glad we are back in touch.
BTW, your doing an awesome job raising Little Critter.
Joyful (Michelle)