Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, last entry I waxed enthusiastically about our owl....and how I felt it was a love letter from Papa. I believe I have confirmation that it was. We checked the next morning for droppings and/or the vomited remains of the owl's dinner. There were none! There's been no evidence of an owl spending the night in our tree. He was gone in the morning and we've not seen or heard him since. (We never did hear him at all.....he sat there quite as snow the whole time he was here.) So we believe that he was a visual reply to my request for Dodi to have wisdom.

Then yesterday, I was praying for me to listen for and follow Papa's voice while at work. A few minutes later, I stepped outside to let Little Critter do some running. I had on a white t-shirt and suddenly I have a honey bee on my shirt. Now, I'm allergic to bee stings, so naturally stood VERY still. But that silly bee would NOT leave me alone. The other girl at work came out for a smoke and Mr. Bee ignored her completely. Little Critter kept trying to attrack Mr. Bee to himself, but Mr. Bee ignored him. My boss came out for some fresh air and Mr. Bee ignored him also. For some reason, this bee was in love with my white t-shirt!!!! I wasn't afraid of getting stung (which is very unusual, knowing I swell up like road kill on a hot day after being stung, and require an ER visit with plenty of shots to keep me breathing, I'm usually VERY worried about being stung!) But I was extremely calm and relaxed about the whole thing. Perhaps this was another visual message from Papa, but I'm still trying to figure out what He was telling me. It being January, it's rare we see honey bees this time of year. The weather is confused.....Monday our high for the day was 38, Thursday it was 75. Tomorrow we'll cool back into the low 50's and Monday it's back into the 40's. So perhaps this was just a confused little bee looking for a flower to drink from. Perhaps this was a message from Papa about being sweeter to all I meet. Perhaps Papa wanted me to trust Him to take care of me regardless the circumstances. Perhaps it was a reminder that my tongue can be a painful stinger to people I care about. I'm not real sure about this one yet. But I feel certain Papa will make it clear to me in due time.

In the meantime, I wish a sweet day to each of my readers and friends. As we prepare for Shabbot here, may each of us be reminded to listen for and hear our Papa's voice so we can take the sting out of our tongues and be sweet enough to draw others to Him who loves them the most. Shalom, Joie

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Gayle said...

Ye gads, Joie! If you get any sweeter to people you will endanger their lives by killing them with kindness! :)

Yes, our weather is bi-polar. It's supposed to get down to below freezing tonight. Yesterday it was warm and today the high will be 54. I suppose that's enough to confuse honey bees, but I haven't seen any. No owls yet either! We live approximately 3 1/2 miles apart, and I'm out here in the country where we normally see these things before the people in town do. I don't know why the bee was so enamored with you, but I'm very happy he didn't sting you!