Friday, January 16, 2009

New Law to take affect 2-10-09

Well, my friends. I apologize for my long absence from here. I am the office manager for a local H&R Block office and during tax season (which has begun here in the US) I work long hours as well as homeschooling, housekeeping and housewifeing (is that even a word?!?!) So posts may be less frequent for a couple of months....but it's only for a few months and then I go back to regular life again....or at least what we call normal in my little zoo. ;)

Anyway, I learned about a new law scheduled to take affect next month that is a disaster! I just wanted to alert you to it. This new law is called the CPSI (Consumer Product Safety Initiative) and was written to stop the lead in children's toys imported from China last year. But Congress wrote the law so that it includes: books, CDs, clothes, toys, jewelry and several other things for children age 12 and younger. It will ban the sale, resale, even gifting of such products unless tested (at a cost of $400 per item and up) for lead and phalates. It was also made retroactive so libraries will not be allowed to have books for kids on their shelves!!!! Now, how ridiculous is that?!?!? Please check out the following links and contact your congressional folks to correct this over correction to a simple problem. (The last I read about this, it's most likely going to cost the economy over 72 Million dollars of revenue daily!!!)
You can also call and write your senators and ask them to consider the enormous implications of this law as it stands and have exemptions put in place for books, clothing and other items that obviously do not contain any or hardly any of these substances.Even the Wall Street Journal is blasting the implementation of this law....miracles never cease! Please help spread the word about this so Congress is forced into doing something to correct their over zealousness. Thanks.

Now, I realize that I have readers from other countries outside the US, (hugs, Ahavah!) so I apologize for not having much for you here today. But this is a BIG deal here in the States and I wanted to alert everyone I can to it. I will post again this week and find more love letters from my Beloved Papa! I have gotten several over the last couple of weeks, just didn't have the energy to post them. Hope to fix that this last one off for a couple of months! So look for His love letters to you and know I pray for you my friends.
Shalom, Joie


Ahavah said...

:0D hugs right back sweet one.. :0D

You mean they actually STILL put LEAD into our childrens books and toys? I guess thats what happens when love of money is pressing the buttons!

Or is this just a question of the 'nanny' state and an over-reaction by the US Government?

I am currently writing a childrens book (one day it might even get finished).... so this is definately 'cause for concern' for me. x

Joie said...

According to all that I've read about this, the books in our country have so little lead that a child would have to eat the entire book before it would even register in their blood work! Now, I don't know about children in the UK, but there's really no kids I know of that eat their books here across the pond...even littles just kinda suck on them....or knaw them to death. So I don't understand the dragonian methods being suggested for keeping lead out of our kids.
My mom always told me I needed to write down some of the stories I used to write for school or tell the kids I knew growing up. Somehow, when I attempt to write them down, they loose their life. I reckon that means it's not the right time to write them down yet. But I feel several humerous books (mostly for kids)stirring around. I once wrote a short story about Quackles the Duck. (It was really an autobiographical story that was hilarious.) I've also tried a couple of time to write stories about Little Critter's Adventures...but again, they loose something in the translation. Perhaps after tax season I'll have time and inspiration to work on them. We'll see.
Thanks for the hugs back. I've missed talking with you, Sweet friend. I think it's already Preparation day for's 2am here. So blessed Preparation day to you Dear One. And Shabbot Shalom for later.