Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First watch Love Letter

Well, last night Papa sent me a love letter in the middle of the night. (what WAS He thinking?????) I'd stayed up entirely too late trying to get things ready for my return to full time work (only for tax season....I work full time for 4 months a year during tax season. Isn't life wonderful!?!) Anyway, after I got in bed, Dodi woke up and we did some pillow talk. Suddenly about 2:15am a small bird started chirping quite loudly outside our window. We both wondered what got this little bird all noisy, but didn't think much of it. Then about 2:30am as we're both drifting into sleep,I had my hand on Dodi's back and was silently praying for him. I asked Papa to give him wisdom and discernment for some decisions we feel we need to make soon, and wanted to be certain he heard Papa's wisdom for us. All of a sudden our dog went ballistic. She was barking and barking and whining and howling...sounds we'd never heard her make before. So Dodi got up to see what was going on. (I had 2 cats wrapped around my legs and was having trouble moving!) After several minutes, Dodi said "My goodness! It's an owl in the tree! A big owl!" Well, of course, I threw cats off the bed as I jumped out of bed to go take a look. He was correct, there was an owl. He appeared to be a 12-15 inch barn owl sitting on a tree branch! Now we live in the city (it's a small town really, but we're not out in the country! We're in town!) And as I was looking at him, the owl turned and looked directly at me. He was BEAUTIFUL!!!! So, being the goose I am, I decided we had to have pictures of this. Well, the double glass on our windows prevented my standing in the house and taking the pictures, so Dodi and I put on shoes and coats (it was in the low 30's outside with drizzle falling!) over our jammies and we traipsed outside to take pictures of this owl. The owl was not in the least bothered by us. Even the flash on my camera didn't seem to bother him. He sat there, serene, peaceful, looking at us like we were insane....Ok, it may have been insane to go racing outside in our pajamas in freezing temperatures to take pictures of an owl....your point is?! LOL!
After we spent about 20-30 minutes watching the owl and taking pictures and video of the owl, we came back inside. As we went back to bed, (about 3:15 am!!!) it occurred to me....I asked Papa to give Dodi wisdom and discernment and almost immediately after I said it, the dog started barking to alert us to the Owl's presence. While we were outside (and even at the window) the owl watched me intently, ignoring the dog and Dodi. Owls are considered wise creatures here in the States....WooHoo! Papa sent me a visible answer to my prayer! Now, some will say I stayed outside too long, or was having some kind of sleep deprivation related epiphany, or have some other kind of brain damage to link these two seemingly unrelated things together. But we've lived here almost 17 years and never seen an owl before. Why last night? Why immediately after I prayed for wisdom for my darling Dodi? And why in the world would such a large owl suddenly show up here.....outside his regular territory? Hmmmm. Looks to me like a love letter from my loving Heavenly Papa! Well, since I only had about a 3 1/2 hour nap last night due to all the excitement.....I think I'll close for now. I have to get up early for work in the morning. I pray you find a love letter from Papa yourself tomorrow....or maybe tonight! Shalom, joie


Ahavah said...

so you are going to post pictures of this amazing creature. They are absolutely incredible aren't they? It is just awe inspiring how silently they fly - not even a whisper to let you know they are coming.

I dont blame you one little bit for getting out of bed to take photos - I would have done the exact same thing :0D

Gayle said...

You know I don't think you're crazy, hon. After all, I know where you live, and you know that I do live in the country and the entire time we've been here, approximately 12 years, we've never seen an owl. Not a large one, or a small one, or a fat or skinny one. There's a mockingbird that drives me nuts sometimes, but no owls. So you have every right to put the prayer and the visitation together.

I can't help wishing I had a picture of you two running around in that freezing drizzle in your jammies though. LOL!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I love owls, and where I live, we have a few, plus many hawks, plenty of rabbits.

But, don't you just love the way G_d gets our attention and answers prayers? It's wonderful.