Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You Mr. President

I normally will not post things here that have to do with politics and such. But I was made aware of an idea that made sense to me. I was told a whole group of folks were posting their thanks to President Bush as he's leaving office. I believe this was to be done last week, but I only found out about it over the weekend. So I'm going to take this space to post why I thank President Bush for the job he's done. I didn't always agree with all his decisions, or the reasons behind his decisions. But to be very honest with you, you couldn't pay me enough to be President of this country....or any other country come to think of it. This man volunteered to serve his country..often at great cost to his privacy, his self esteem and his family life. Since the first day he took office, he's been vilified, demonized and hated simply for being himself. I don't understand this. This is a man who felt a calling to serve his country, to attempt to make this a better place for all of us, and a way to do what he felt Papa had told him to do. So I thank President Bush. I thank him for caring enough about this country to be willing to try to change things for the better. I thank him for keeping us safe since 9-11-01. I thank him for admitting to being a praying president. I thank him for trying to end the constant bickering and backbiting in Congress. I thank him for attempting to work together with people who refused to work with him for the most part. I thank him that he did what he felt was right simply because it was the right thing to matter what the news casters said about him. I thank him for the strength of character that brought some dignity and class back to the office of the presidency. And I thank him for being a caring, compassionate man who was never ashamed to admit his faith in G-d. Like I said, I didn't agree with all he did, but I admire a man who knew this wouldn't be easy, was treated horribly from day 1 and yet never complained or whined. He just quietly went about doing what he could to make the world a better place. I believe he did make the world better. Ask the Aids victims he sent medicine to, or the Iraqi's that now have freedoms they've never known, or the women in Afghanistan who are now treated more like humans, or the Georgians who found a powerful friend when Russia was attacking them....I could go on. But I'll close with this....though many things have not gone the way President Bush (and I) would have liked them to go, he's not complained, whined or blamed anyone else. With all his "Bushisms" and funny sayings (that are so much the way we talk here in Texas), he brought class and dignity mixed with a little bit of character to Washington DC. And I'm proud he was my President for the last 8 years. I'm proud he's coming back home to Texas, and I wish all of Papa's blessings on him and his family for a job done honestly, to the best of his ability and done faithfully. Thank you President Bush. I believe history will show you were a great President! Shalom, Joie

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Gayle said...

And I congratulate you on a job well done, Joie! This is a magnificent "thank you post" to President Bush. He was a man of character who did what he believed in and didn't cow tow to the press or anyone. Someday he'll be given the credit he deserves for that. :)

I apologize for not letting you know about this earlier. You just recently started running a blog and it's not a political blog so I didn't think of you. Next time something like this comes up I'll send you an e-mail so you will know... promise!

G_d bless you and yours! :)