Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Dancing Again

Well, we're happy dancing around here again. We just got a phone call from our eldest foster son. He's not been speaking to us for about 1 1/2 years. And this was a pleasant phone call, so we're blessed. Of course the reason he called was he and his father have had another falling out resulting in father disowning eldest son....that hurts my heart. Torah (Bible) tells us to honor our father and mother. So it hurts my heart that this father and son can not seem to work out their differences.....but in fairness to this son, I've seen the story working out for 28 years and felt it would come to this eventually. Eldest son has a multitude of problems, many of them caused by his parents. His mother's death when he was 13 didn't help anything.....but his father's reaction and response to the boys (he has a younger brother that also lived with us for awhile, but will no longer even speak to us. Sigh.)when their mother died was nothing short of heartless. As eldest son grew up, step mom resented him being there, younger half brothers hated him, and father did nothing to try to alleviate the situation. Eldest son ran away from home numerous times, but father had issued a court order that we could do nothing to help the boy. Only after he hit 19 could we step in, and by then an enormous amount of damage had been done. He now serves in the United States a mechanic on the big machinery. He's also pretty good on smaller cars. ;-)

I told Dodi when he got mad at me over a year ago for telling him the truth about some of his actions that he'd be back next time his father got mad at him. As we talked, he asked why we always took him back even when he treated us badly. I told him that what family does. Even if we're angry with you, disagree with what you've done, or disapprove of your speech,'re still our son and we love you. Bless his heart. He's heard that for most of his life from me. (And no, he's not my child....except from my heart.) But now that eldest son has his own child, he's beginning to understand where we've been coming from for the last 17 years of his live. So now there's hope we can help lead him to a closer walk with Papa. He's professed faith in Papa, but his actions don't show it. Perhaps we can be used by Papa to show him that Papa loves him more than we.....more than his father. And thru us perhaps, little creeper (his son-our grandson) will also be introduced to Papa. WOOHOOO! We could possibly impact their eternal lives!!! OH, the incredible responsibility of that just hit me. Wow, we could impact the eternal future of their lives. Hmmmm. Boy, gonna have to hit my knees on this one! I sure don't want to allow my red hair and unruly tongue to ruin everything......Well, I'll trust Papa to have this all under control. After all, He's the one who put this child into our lives so long ago, and keeps bringing him back to us. There has to be a reason for that! So as long as we stay out of the way, allow Papa to use us and listen carefully so we hear His voice, this could have a seriously happy ending!

And best of all, we're going to get new pictures of our grandson!!!!! We haven't seen him in over a year either... and he spent his first 6 weeks of live in our home without either of his parents. So in a way, he's another of our kids! I can hardly wait to cuddle that little creeper!!!!!!

So I hope you each listen for Papa's voice in your hearts....He's got big plans for each of you. And He's got people just dying to hear you tell them how much Papa loves them. So get to work! The Kingdom is at hand! Shalom, Spitfire

PS Things are a little more peaceful with Little Critter the last couple of days....he's trying to catch himself when he's being disrespectful (doesn't always make it, but you can see him trying. That's a big step towards growing up!) So while I know it's only the opening volleys in this war to grow up, I now feel more assured I haven't lost his heart. It's just hormones getting in the way! Sigh. But this too shall pass. And soon I'll see my little caterpillar turning into a wonderfully beautiful, G-dly young man. OK, now I've gotta go get a hankie, sniff, sniff. My baby's growing up!!!!!! WAAAAAAA. (giggle, giggle)


ABNPOPPA said...

As I found out with my youngest son sometimes you have to let go before they grab on. It is had and I was lucky as we got our son back from the brink of disaster. It requires faith in G-d, yourself and the child, that you laid the proper ground work. G-d has a plan for every one of us and he has a plan for this child. My heart goes out to you as you struggle with this.



Most Rev. Gregori said...

Almost sounds to me like the father of the boys forgot or ignored G-d's admonition to parents, telling them not to provoke their children to anger.

It is so easy to screw up a child's life, but it takes hard work to raise up a child that will be a blessing in one's old age.

Ahavah said...

soo am I understanding this right you have a 'wormy-squirmy' and a 'little creeper'.... now then wouldn't it be just wonderful if they became fast friends?

Gayle said...

I hope everything works out, Spitfire, and both your foster son and his son will learn from you and Dodi. I can't think of two better people for the job that Papa has chosen for you. You are indeed blessed! :)