Monday, June 22, 2009

Still on the road.....

Well, we made it back to Grandma's house. We actually made it here last Friday (6-19-09) just in time for Grandma's birthday! (Funny how that worked out heh? wink wink) I've checked the blog a couple of times and tried to check email, but it's tricky here. The WIFI link is iffy at best and unreliable at worst. So I'm just blogging a quickie while I have a signal.

We're having a great time here with Grandma and the cousins. I have some more pictures to post, but can't do it here. Will have to wait till after we get back home later this week. Little Critter is being spoiled rotten (that is with a capital R you understand!), Dodi is having a blast getting to sit and talk with his momma, and me....well, I'm enjoying not having to cook, clean and watch Little Critter every minute of the day! It's relaxing to be able to sit on the back porch of Mom's house, listen to the birds, and go pop fresh blue and blackberries in my mouth if I'm hungry! (OK, between Little Critter and I we've pretty much cleaned out the ripe blueberries...still working on the blackberries, but we still have a day to do it in!)

Mom's house is out in a small subdivision of folks that live about 15 miles from the nearest small town. It's my idea of heavenly. A few neighbors in case of emergency, but not so close as to be able to see all the goings on at your own house. In fact Dodi and I snuck out last night after Little Critter was asleep and went swimming in the swimming pool! At 11:00PM!!!! It was SO wonderful. The stars were amazingly clear and bright, the air was cool (but not cold, only about 87 degrees), the water was still warm from the daylight heating....ssssiiiigggghhhh. It was SO relaxing. I think we're going to do it again tonight. Without all the kids in there, it's quite pleasant. And it's the only time this whole trip we've had time to ourselves! It was even romantic! Kinda felt like Adam and Eve out there in that pool....just us and YHWH and the stars. I told Dodi we may have to consider one for our house! (someday)

Well, probably better check on Little Critter and's strangely quiet all of a sudden....of course Little Critter is down at the pool with Aunt and the girls, and Dodi's in with his mom....but I'd hate for them to forget me! Hahahaha Besides, I've got to get things ready for the Rosh Chodesh (New Moon)....had no bread, and no way to make it here, so Papa forgive me for using's all we have. But we can salt it! He'll understand. We also don't have our shofars with us, so we'll have to use paper towel rollers I's hard to do the feasts and festivals on the road. But I feel certain Papa understands and recognizes our effort even if it's unconventional. Yes, Gayle, I know, I know....I'm seldom accused of being conventional anyway, so what's new.....I could hear you thinking it clear up here! I still love you and know that's one of the things about me that you love too! Giggle, giggle.

So my friends, as you rush thru your days, please be sure to slow down enough to hear the birds. Papa sends them to remind us how much He loves us. And if you can find fresh berries, that's just an extra love letter from your Papa! Smile. Shalom, Spitfire

PS For my Jewish friends, Shauva tov. (I think that's the Hebrew phrase for Happy New Moon... If I'm wrong, at least I tried. Happy New Month anyway! :-)

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RaDena said...

I'm so glad you are having a wonderful time, but I'll bet you and Little Critter's teeth are black from eating all those blueberries and blackberries.