Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the road......

Well, we left home Monday morning around 11:30 to head for Grandma's house. Over the river, and thru the woods....well, OK, there's no woods, but we did cross a couple of rivers! Six hours later, we arrived at Grandma's house. I love my mother-in-law! She is truly a jewel!!! She's always thrilled to see us, even if it's the middle of the night. (It wasn't this time, but one year we showed up around 2 in the morning....she just left the doors open for us in the little house and had a note for us. Then cooked a huge breakfast for us later that morning! No complaints about our being so late or anything! We had to wait until after work to leave....funeral, no prior warning. Oh well. We got there!) And this time she even knew we'd be using her as a Motel 6....meaning we arrived Monday around 6pm and left Tuesday morning around 10am. What a bummer! But we'll be back to her house late Friday evening...and get to stay for about 3 days.

We're now in Missouri. (For those of you unfamiliar with the US, that's another state...in fact, we drove thru 3 states today!!!!! ARGGG!) We left Texas this morning, drove thru a good portion of Eastern Oklahoma always on the lookout for Indians! I thought sure I saw smoke signals a couple of times...giggle giggle. (Oklahoma is the state the Federal Government sent all the American Indians to live in in the 1800's. There's Indian reservations all over it.) Little Critter had his nose buried in the DVD player thru most of Oklahoma, so Dodi and I had fun making up stories about the scenery....and the Indians.

Once we crossed into Arkansas (another state) we pulled the plug on the DVD player and made Little Critter look at the scenery with us. By now we were driving thru parts of the Ozark Mountains. It was beautiful....at least the parts I could actually take my eyes off the road to see! We went to Eureka Springs. To be honest, from about Fayetteville on to Eureka Springs I saw little of the scenery...something about 75 million squiggly hairpin turns up and down those blasted mountains at 65 and 70 mph.....gulp! I got seasick just before we actually got to Eureka Springs...the road did so many switchbacks! That's when the road turns back almost opposite the way you just came. And after being used to Texas roads and highways.....well, let's just say Arkansas and Oklahoma dont' know what a highway is!!!!!

Once in Eureka Springs, we went to the Holy Land Tour. We got there 30 minutes before closing (google maps was not accurate about the timing from Grandma's to Eureka Springs.....must have been all those mountain switchbacks!) so they didn't charge us for tickets and just let us run thru the tour. It was great!!!!! I hope to be able to post some pictures tomorrow of what we saw. We got to talk to "Hannah", Kefa (Peter), and Moshe (Moses). Imagine our surprise when talking with Moshe to find out he was born in our hometown and went to school 17 miles from our house!!!!!! Talk about a small world....and boy did he look good for being 3000 years old!!!!! Smile. (One day I'll have to figure out how to get smiley faces on here......oh, some other day.)

After our whirlwind tour of the Holy Lands, we got back in the Trooper, and drove the last 1 1/2 hours to Branson, Missouri. Tonight we're in our hotel room getting ready for tomorrow.. We have breakfast with Mark Twain tomorrow.. I can hardly wait and Little Critter can hardly go to sleep. He's read 3 or 4 of Mr. Twain's books, so can't wait to meet him in the morning....wait till he finds out we go on the Titanic our last day here! Hehehe. Mom can still surprise the little beast! Well, will try to post again tomorrow evening. We eat with Mark Twain in the morning, then later go visit with Noah and help with the critters. (Good grief, that could be a lot like being at home!!!!! I've got dubs on feeding the unicorns!!!)

We saw more of Papa's gifts to us today than I can recount in one entry....the mountains, the hawks, the rivers we crossed (I think there were about 30), the friendliness of the folks we met at meals and gas stops, the sharing of His love with us by the actors/actresses of the Holy Lands. I pray you each have found some of Papa's gifts to you today. And may you find more tomorrow. Shalom, from a long way from home.....one tired spitfire.

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RaDena said...

Love your blog!

My husband and I have been through that part of the country many times. It's gorgeous! Those mountain roads can be tricky but they're okay if you pay attention. I wonder how the weather is over there. I suppose it could be Googled. I'm in Texas and it's really hot!